Investigate The Ancient Ruins - Genshin Impact Electro Puzzle

In Genshin Impact 2.1, you will need to investigate some Ancient Ruins and solve the Electro Puzzle guarding them. With every new Genshin Impact update, we can also look forward to new puzzles as well, and 2.1 is no different. Though these puzzles can be very rewarding when you finally manage to solve them, they can also be frustrating if you are unsure of what exactly it is you need to do to beat them. To save you the time and effort you can better spend on enjoying the game itself, our Investigate The Ancient Ruins – Genshin Impact Electro Puzzle guide will show you what you need to do to solve this particular tricky puzzle.

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Investigate The Ancient Ruins - Genshin Impact Electro Puzzle

Genshin Impact Investigate the Ancient Ruins Electro Puzzle

This puzzle is one of those which appears to be very difficult to solve, until you figure out their trick. After that, it can be completed in – quite literally – just a couple of seconds. So, this puzzle starts at a small island directly south of Fort Mumei. This is a ways west from Higi Village on Yashiori Island. When you get here, you will receive the objective to investigate these Ancient Ruins. You will see that there are three Electro Pillars here. Of course, this means that you will need an Electro character to solve this. The best character for this particular puzzle is Fischl. Her bow makes the entire thing a cakewalk.

The Electro Pillars need to be activated in a precise order and on time. If you are too slow, you will have to begin the entire sequence again. Of course, having Fischl makes this much, much easier. So, move to the north tip of the island and turn around, facing south. Shoot the pillar furthest south. Next, activate the pillar to the right. Finally, activate the pillar to the north. If done correctly, a huge lawachurl will appear. Defeat it to complete this puzzle.

where are The Ancient Ruins
The location of the Ancient Ruins
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