Break the Final Seal - Genshin Impact Heart of Watatsumi

If you are attempting to break the final seal in the Genshin Impact Heart of Watatsumi quest, you will know how frustrating this task is. Watatsumi Island is one of the new areas in the region of Inazuma. Introduced in the 2.1 update of the game, it is one of many world quests that begin here. This one culminates in a frustrating puzzle involving statues and stone circles. Read on as we give our guide on the Genshin Impact Heart of Watatsumi finale and how to break the final seal.

Break the Final Seal Genshin Impact Heart of Watatsumi
Break the Final Seal – Genshin Impact Heart of Watatsumi

Break the Final Seal – Genshin Impact

To break the final seal in Genshin Impact, you must first collect the four Spirit Pearls. Return to Tsuyuko at the Sangonomiya Shrine. She will provide a location for the Heart of Watatsumi. Follow the marker and submit all four pearls to open the seal.

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Break the Final Seal Genshin Impact
Break the Final Seal – Genshin Impact

This will allow you access to the area. If you have already completed the Fin of Watatsumi quest, the arena looks very similar. There are four circle platforms within. Each of them will have four rotating statues.

It is important you complete these platforms in the correct order. This can be seen in the image below.

Correct order for the Heart of Watatsumi

Three of the statues will be fish and one will be shell-shaped. This latter one is where you can pay respect. Go to the first circle, rotate all fish to face the centre then pay respect. After you complete each platform, a wave of Genshin Impacts enemies will spawn to greet you and defend the Heart of Watatsumi.

It is important that after rotating the statues you do not forget to pay respect. If not, everything will reset and you will have to do it all again.

The fourth platform is different. Here, you must pay your respects before rotating the fish statues.

Claiming the Heart of Watatsumi

Heart of Watatsumi

The final seal, the Heart of Watatsumi, is the fifth circle in the middle platform. Once you have defeated all the enemies this should unlock. The circle should contain the Key of the Moon Bathed Deep which you should return to Tsuyuko .

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