Genshin Impact Pufferfish Location

The Pufferfish is one of the fish species that you can now catch in Genshin Impact 2.1, though this fish isn’t present at every fishing location. Similarly to the Glaze Medaka and the Raimei Angelfish, the Pufferfish likewise has its own rules about where it can be found and what type of bait it prefers. In this Genshin Impact Pufferfish Location guide, we will explain how you can catch this fish – where you should look for it, and which types of bait will attract it so that you can successfully haul it out of the water.

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Genshin Impact Pufferfish Location

Pufferfish Locations & Bait Genshin Impact

The Pufferfish can be found in several places. We’ve marked all of these on the screenshots and video down below. The first spots that you will be able to reliably find this fish are in Mondstadt. One of these fishing spots is on the shore directly south of Mondstadt, while the other is on a small island southeast from Dawn Winery. In Liyue Harbor, the best fishing spot for Pufferfish is southwest. The other fishing spots are all located on various Inazuma islands. On Narakumi Island, a nice fishing spot is located inside Ritou harbor. The second Inazuma fishing spot is on the north end of Nazuchi Beach – located between Tatasuna and Yashiori Island. Finally, the last spot is on Seirei Island.

When you have found a nice fishing spot to catch Pufferfish, the next step is to, of course, catch it. Unlike some other types of fish which only appear in a certain time of day or night, you can fish for these at any time. Every fish has a bait that they respond to, and the bait that will catch the Pufferfish’s attention is called the Fake Fly Bait. In order to get this bait, you can buy the recipe for crafting it from Nantuck. To craft it, you will need 1x Sakura Bloom and 1x Horsetail.

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