Bullseye Balloon Genshin Impact Windblume Festival

Genshin Impact Bullseye Balloons is one of the several Festive Challenges that you can participate in. It’s a minigame where you shoot balloons to earn as many points as possible. Seems like a breeze, but the developers made sure to put in some traps for you, including balloons that dock points. So, you can’t just mindlessly brute-force the challenge. So, in our Bullseye Balloons Genshin Impact Windblume Festival guide, we’ll show you how to start the challenge, how to play it, and what rewards you can earn.

bullseye balloon genshin impact windblume festival
Bullseye Balloon Genshin Impact Windblume Festival

How to Start Bullseye Balloons in Genshin Impact

To start the Genshin Impact Bullseye Balloons festive activity, go into the Events Overview menu, and select Festive Challenges. Bullseye Balloons will be right there; it’s the first tab of three. Hit “Go to Quest,” then head to the Windblume Festival icon in Mondstadt. There, you’ll find an NPC called Lizzie. Talk to her, and after a few sentences, the game will explain how to play the game.

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At the time of writing, there’s only one Bullseye Balloons available, called Tower Waltz. It takes place at the tower in Stormbearer Point. It’s not hard to find; the game will take you right to it. Just interact with the sign at the bottom of the tower to begin.

How to Play Bullseye Balloons

To play Genshin Impact Bullseye Balloons, you have to shoot the balloons and earn points. There are four different types of balloon, and they all do different things. Some of them actually deduct points, so you have to keep your eyes peeled and strategize. Plus, some of them move around and whatnot. Here’s a list of balloon types and what they do.

  • Bloom Balloon – Gives a certain amount of points when hit.
  • Bouquet Balloon – Gives a large amount of points when hit.
  • Celebration Balloon – Explodes when hit, destroying balloons in an AoE around it.
  • Heartbreak Balloon – Deducts a certain amount of points when hit.

The main thing to beware of is that the Celebration and Heartbreak Balloons look very similar. They differ in color (Heartbreak being red, and Celebration being orange)

Genshin Impact Bullseye Balloons Rewards

The rewards you get from playing Bullseye Balloons in Genshin Impact will depend on how high your score is. Technically, you can get all three tiers of rewards in one go, if you’re good enough. Of course, you can always try again and again, as many times as you want. Here’s the list.

  • Mona’s Reward (Balloon Hunter) – Score 1000+ points – 30 Primogems, 100 Festive Tour Tickets
  • Jean’s Reward (Balloon Bane) – Score 1800+ points – 2 Hero’s Wit, 100 Festive Tour Tickets
  • Venti’s Reward (Balloon Scourge) – Score 2600+ points – 20,000 Mora
rewards bullseye balloon
Bullseye Balloon rewards

These are the stats for the first Bullseye Balloon challenge, Tower Waltz. At the time of writing, we don’t know how the others are going to work rewards-wise. However, I don’t think they’ll be that much different.

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