Floral Freefall Genshin Impact - Windblume Festival

Floral Freefall is a festive challenge in Genshin Impact. It’s one of the activities available during the Windblume Festival, and it involves gliding down from great heights and collecting flower balls. The more you collect, the bigger your reward. If you’re having trouble with this particular activity, our Genshin Impact Floral Freefall guide will tell you everything you need to know.

genshin impact floral freefall
Floral Freefall Genshin Impact

How to complete Floral Freefall

Your first task will be to talk to Lizzie, the attendant at the stall in the north of Mondstadt. She’ll tell you all about the event, and the billboards that allow you to start the courses will appear around the world. They’re marked on the map with a little wing icon. There’s four of them, but only the first is available immediately – the other three will unlock as time passes:

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  • Falcon Coast – on the shore east of Mondstadt
  • Windrise
  • Brightcrown Canyon
  • Stormterror’s Lair

Simply approach a notice board, interact with it, and the event will start. You’ll have a time limit – if you run out of time, or touch the ground, the event will end. You need to gather as many flower balls as you can – the green ones are worth 25 points, the ones that look like stars are worth 200 (and they spawn a bunch of green ones directly below them), and the garland at the end is worth 400. Each second you have left on the timer when you pass the finish line will give you another 10 points.

Once you’re done, you’ll be able to claim your rewards. There are three tiers of rewards on each course, and you’ll have to give it several tries in order to get them all.

Falcon Coast rewards are 30 primogems and 100 tokens from Kaeya (1000 points required), 2 Hero’s Wit and 100 tokens from Fischl (2000 points required) and 20k Mora from Amber (3000 points required).

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