Catch 5 Special Fish Moonfins in The Lunar Realm - Get Moonstringer Genshin Impact

The newest Lunar Realm challenge in Genshin Impact requires you to catch 5 fish called Moonfins, and the quest leading up to this will reward you with a special fishing rod called the Moonstringer. Fishing was one of the biggest additions to Genshin Impact 2.1 and this challenge has some great rewards that will make fishing even more enjoyable. However, the road to completing it requires that you do several things in precise order. Our Catch 5 Special Fish Moonfins in The Lunar Realm – Get Moonstringer Genshin Impact guide will explain everything you need to do to catch these fish and get this fishing rod.

Catch 5 Special Fish Moonfins in The Lunar Realm - Get Moonstringer Genshin Impact

How to Catch 5 Special Fish in The Lunar Realm Event

First off, to be able to do this, you will first need to complete the “Over the Moon” quest. This is the fourth Lunar Realm quest in this event, so complete all of them, and this will earn you the Moonstringer Fishing Rod and 20x Glowgrass Bait. You will need both of these for the next quest, Reeling in the Moonlight. It is during this quest that you will have to catch five Moonfins. You can only catch them using the Moonstringer as your fishing rod and Glowgrass Bait. Moonfins can only be found in one location, off the coast of Tatarsuna. We’ve marked the exact location where you need to go in a screenshot below.

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Note that these fish only appear at night, from 18pm to 6am. When you get here, you will need to use the Moonstringer and Glowgrass Bait to catch the Moonfins, otherwise these fish won’t bite. Glowgrass Bait will only be available until September 19th, so it is advised you do this as soon as you can. If you run out of this bait, you can get more of it from Kujirai Momiji. Catch five Moonfins, and you will have finished this part of the Lunar Realm event.

where to catch moonfins
Where to catch Moonfins.
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