How to Get Gym Rat Badge NBA 2k22

If you are wondering how to get the gym rat badge in NBA 2k22, there are no quick fixes. The gym rat badge can take you around one to two hours to complete on next-gen consoles. For the current-gen, you are looking at around about a week. However, it is worth it, granting you a boost to your physical abilities. Read on as we tell you the two main ways to get the gym rat badge in NBA 2k22.

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How to Get Gym Rat Badge NBA 2k22
How to Get Gym Rat Badge NBA 2k22

How to Get Gym Rat Badge Next & Current Gen

The methods you can use differ from next-gen and current-gen consoles. Next-gen has two methods. Both involve a visit to one of the Gatorade Training Facilities. A representative outside will talk to you and set you a challenge for the gym rat badge. The first way to do it is by visiting the hand-eye coordination booth, situated at the back of the Gatorade facility.

This has two parts. One involves a frame with different lights. A light will come on and you have to flick the right stick in the direction of the corresponding light. The other is a grid that asks you to react using the symbols on the controller.

You will need to do this around forty-nine to fifty times. This will take around two to three hours. When it is done you do not have to do any of the other workouts to complete the gym rat badge.

The second way to do this is by doing 50 three-star workouts. You will have to complete drills in each attribute category. You can check your progress in the main menu if you don’t want to do them all in one long go. Only five workouts are allowed every in-game week, so expect 10 weeks of action to finish this.

Current Gen players can get a much easier and more enjoyable way to earn the gym rat badge. All they have to do is win a championship, going through the full season. If you wanted to speed this up, you could simulate the whole thing and go straight to the postseason.

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