Celi Lata Item and Unta Nunu Time in Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event Day 3

It is day three of the Mimi Tomo Hilichurl event in Genshin Impact and You will have to find a Celi Lata and move time to Unta Nunu. Hilichurl you have to talk to speak their gibberish language. You’ll have to use the Event Manual to decipher their messages so you know what items they want or what time they want you to visit certain places on the map at. For the third day of Mimi Toro event you’ll speak to a Cautios and Sleep Deprived Hilichurl and have to decipher two things. You’ll also have to choose whether to answer Mosi Mita Dada or Tomo, valo to the sleep deprived hilichurl. We’ll help you quickly find Celi Lata item and find out which time is Unta Nunu in Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event Day 3.

Celi Lata Unta Nunu Time in Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event

Celi Lata Genshin Impact Item Location

You’ll first speak to a cautious hilichurl that is angry and wants you to defeat an enemy. After you defeat some fire and water wizards and their friends you’ll be sent to another hilichurl waiting to make conversation. Sleep-deprived hilichurl says: “Mu muhe celi lata“. This means that this hilichurl would like you to give celi lata to him. Consult the manual to find this phrase. Looking through it you’ll find that Celi Lata can mean a lot of things. Celi lata implies both cold and heat. It can mean fireflies, stars or the moon. Fireflies is the keyword here.

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Celi Lata Genshin Impact

The item you need to give to him is Luminescent Spine. These drop from Fireflies. If you don’t have one in your inventory you need to go to the location marked bellow and hunt some fireflies. They can be found only and night. Once you have the Luminescent Spine give it to the sleep-deprived hilichurl and you’ll complete the Celi Lata Genshin Impact event quest step.

Celi Lata Genshin Impact

Mosi Mita Dada or Tomo, Valo reply to Hilichurl in Genshin Impact Event

Conversation with sleep-deprived hilichurl continues and you are at one point offered to answer to him. You can say Mosi Mita Dada or you can reply with Tomo, valo! We are not sure if choosing one or the other makes any difference. Looking at the event manual you can see that Mita means meat and Dada is an expression of affirmation. What Tomo, valo means we aren’t sure. We picked Tomo, valo reply for the hell of it and the quest continued. Sleep-deprived hilichurl sends you to a new location and mentiones Unta Nunu.

Mosi Mita Dada or Tomo Valo reply to Hilichurl in Genshin Impact Event

Unta Nunu Time in Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo event

It is customary in this event to have one step that requires you to go to a place at a certain time. Day 3 of the event tells you that the Unusual Hilichurl will appear at Unta Nunu. Going to the manual you will find towards the end of it that Untu Mumu means late night. Go to the main left-hand side menu of Genshin Impact and click on the little Time icon. This will help you advance time to whatever you need. Choose any time in the last quarter of the clock between midnight and 6am. Go to the designated location on the map. We found the Unusual hilichurl right next to a shrine of depths there. As a reward you’ll get another furnishing blueprint for Silk curtains.

Unta Nunu Time in Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo event
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