Genshin Impact Childish Jiang locations – A little game

Childish Jiang is a charming NPC in Genshin Impact, who likes to play games. Once you speak to him, a side quest – A little game – will start, and he will ask you to play hide and seek game. Your task will be to find him at four different locations while the timer is ticking. We put together Genshin Impact Childish Jiang locations guide to help you find him and finish the tasks on time.

Genshin Impact Childish Jiang locations
Genshin Impact Childish Jiang locations – A little game

Where to find Childish Jiang

In order to start the quest look for Jiang on the cliffs just north of Mt. Tianheng. You’ll come across a few enemies level 28 in this area. He’ll tell you a sad story that his mom and dad don’t have time to come home and play with him.

Location #1 – Childish Jiang hiding to the north

You’ll have 60 seconds for the first task. Just north of his starting location you’ll spot a huge rock formation. Go up the hill and you’ll find Jiang standing behind these rocks. Once you speak with him the first task will be completed.

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Jiang’s Location #2

This time you’ll have 50 seconds to complete the task. From this location continue to the north and you’ll see two trees to your left. Jiang is hiding behind the first tree.

Location #3 – Behind a house

The third location is the best spot where young Jiang and his father used to hide. While 40 seconds timer is counting down head east and you’ll come across a small house. A common chest is next to it. On the opposite side of the house, you’ll spot a wooden crate. Jiang is waiting for you between the house and a huge rock.

Location #4

This is the most challenging task since you have only 30 seconds to find him. The last location is his ultimate hiding place. He will be hiding further south by the cliff. From the third location you’ll see a yellow and a green trees next to each other. Head toward them and you’ll see a huge rock and Jiand hiding behind the rock.

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