Qingyun Peak - Genshin Impact Three Birds - Reach The Floating Island

Qingyun Peak is one of the locations in Genshin Impact. It’s in the Liyue province, and there’s a shining pillar on top of it, which presents the players with a riddle. In order to solve the puzzle, you’ll have to find three birds in the vicinity. Your reward will be access to the floating island above the peak. If you’re stuck on this challenge, our Genshin Impact Quinyun Peak three birds puzzle guide will help you solve it.

quingyun peak genshin impact three birds reach floating island
Qingyun Peak – Genshin Impact Three Birds

Genshin Three Divine Birds Location

When you interact with the pillar, the text of the riddle will show: “The one who may ascend is the one who kowtows atop the three mountains. The sun, moon and stars each shine, and auspicious signs shall be sent by the three divine birds.” Paimon will instantly offer her interpretation, which is that you’re supposed to find three shining birds atop three mountains. She’s right, too.

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You need to find the three divine birds, which is easier said than done. They’re far from the pillar, and you can only spot them by the shimmering light reflecting off them. That is, if you look close enough. The first bird is right there, on Qingyun Peak. It’s to the south, on the peak near the Statue of The Seven. You’ll have to rotate it twice, which will trigger the cinematic.

The second bird is on the highest peak of Mt. Aozang, to the northwest of there. It’s the one with the big trees with golden leaves. To get it into position, you’ll have to rotate it three times.

The last statue can be found at Mt. Hulao, to the west from your starting location. If you look at it from the pillar with the riddle, you’ll see the statue’s glint on one of the peaks to the right. Once you get there, rotate it once and it’ll snap into place.

Genshin Impact Floating Island

Once you’ve turned all three bird statues towards the pillar, a strong updraft will appear around it. It’ll allow you to ride it up towards the floating island – use it, and the tiny rock platforms to get all the way up. Once you’re there, you’ll find two precious chests and a luxurious chest, all ripe from plundering.

Genshin 5 Star Recipe – Adeptus’ Temptation

Aside from the shower of materials, artifacts and other items you’ll get from the three chests, there’s also a 5 star recipe in there. It’s for a dish called Adeptus’ Temptation. It involves cooking ham, crab, shrimp and matsutake. Once consumed, it’ll increase all party members’ attack by 260-372 and crit rate by 8-12% for 300 seconds.

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