Chongyun Hangout All Endings Genshin Impact

Chongyun hangout is a new event in Genshin Impact. It consists of a story quest called Signs of Evil, which is like a really long date with the icy boy. There are six different endings you can unlock – Blessing in Disguise, Idle Amusements, Goodbyes, Can’t Beat This Heat, Nothing Gained and Small Regrets. Each of them has its own rewards, and you can go back anad unlock them all after completing the quest for the first time. There are also several hidden achievements here – Behold, Mine Evil-Espying Eye, Red Hot Chili Popsicles and Evil is Banished. If you’re wondering how to get all the endings and unlock the achievements, our Chongyun hangout endings guide will show you what to do.

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genshin impact chongyun hangout all endings
Chongyun Hangout All Endings Genshin Impact

After you complete the quest for the firs time, you’ll be able to go back and replay it from certain points by clicking on the boxes in the diagram. This can save you a lot of time if you want to unlock all the endings.

  1. Chongyun Ending #1 – Blessing in Disguise
  2. Chongyun Ending #2 – Idle Amusements
  3. Chongyun Ending #3 – Can’t Beat This Heat
  4. Chongyun Ending #4 – Nothing Gained
  5. Chongyun Ending #5 – Goodbyes
  6. Chongyun Ending #6 – Small Regrets

Chongyun Ending #1 – Blessing in Disguise

If this is the first one you’re doing, head to Liyue Harbor and talk to Chongyun. Here are the options you need to pick, when the opportunity arises:

  1. They all sound pretty farfetched, perhaps I should just tell him that.
  2. There’s a ghostly shadow skulking about Feiyun Slope at night. It’s suspected to be a vengeful spirit.
  3. Deep in the Sea of Clouds, a marauding demon has been raiding commercial fishing boats and building a luxurious palace.
  4. There is a vigilant demon adept at concealing itself in mist. Recently, people have found traces of it in Mingyun Village, Guili Plains, and Yaoguang Shoal.

Chongyun Ending #2 – Idle Amusements

This one requires you to share popsicles with the kid. Here’s exactly what to pick:

  1. They all sound pretty farfetched, perhaps I should just tell him that.
  2. Since he has a sister, you should probably give him both.
  3. Try Mist Flower and Qingxin, or Sunsettia and Valberries.

Chongyun Ending #3 – Can’t Beat This Heat

This one’s the same as Idle Amusements, only when you reach the part when you’re picking flavors, go with Jueyun Chili and Slime Condensate. That’s it!

Chongyun Ending #4 – Nothing Gained

This ending starts another branch – one in which you don’t tell Chongyun what you feel about his clues. Here’s what to pick:

  1. Although they all seem farfetched, I’d better not tell him that. He seems like quite the persistent character.
  2. Let’s both drink it. If you lose control, I’ll be sure to take care of you.
  3. Sure, just have a rest. I’ll continue investigating on my own.

Chongyun Ending #5 – Goodbyes

This one’s the same as the last up to the point where you’re supposed to drink. Here’s how to proceed from there:

  1. Just let me drink it alone.
  2. Remember that strange mist we found earlier? I would like to investigate that further.

Chongyun Ending #6 – Small Regrets

To unlock the Small Regrets ending, you have to do the same as in the previous one, until after you’ve drank alone. After that, pick the option “Right, let’s head back”.

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