Brawlhalla Order of the Exalted Lion

Win matches with legends that were once members of the Order of the Exalted Lion is a weekly challenge in week 4 of season 3 of Brawlhalla. You need to win three games using characters that are members of the Order of the Exalted Lion. If you’re not fully versed in the lore of the game you might be having difficulty finding the exact characters you need to use. Thus, we’ll help you find out which Brawlhalla Order of the Exalted Lion legend you should chose.

Brawlhalla Order of the Exalted Lion

Brawlhalla Order of the Exalted Lion

There are several characters that you can use to complete this mission. To help you with this you can go to character details and in the lore section read up on them. Sir Roland is an obvious choice since one of his titles is Knight of the Order of the Exalted Lion. Another character to use is Diana – The Monster hunter. She is the commander of the Order’s hunters. Lastly there is Mordex, once Master Hunter of the Order of the Exalted Lion and now a ravenous werewolf. There may be more characters related to the Order, but these three are the ones we found.

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Your goal is to win 3 matches, but it can’t be done in Custom Game Room. Wins count only in ranked or casual queues. We recommend the Free-for-all in casual. You’ll get 6 Battle Gems for completing this mission. This is one of the easier mission, but it requires you to know the lore a bit. If you don’t like playing with Sir Roland, Diana nor Moirdex we suspect that Jhala is also member of the order and may fit your play style better. If you know of any more Order of the Exalted Lion members in Brawlhalla please leave a comment bellow.

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  1. A
    Alex Court

    I found out that Isaiah also worked for this particular mission

  2. M

    Caspian works too

    1. T

      You sir are a lier. Caspian does not work. Do not be lead astray by this fars. It will lead to betrayal and heart brake. (Serious reply/joke)

      1. B

        I made this just to say u were right. As i was picking caspian who was perfect for what i needed i read ur comment

  3. J

    isiah works just figured that out

  4. J
    Jeremiah B Cole

    Lord Vraxx works as well

  5. B
    Branden herr

    Is it weird if all four (including Isaiah) are my mains?

    1. N

      its weird that you main isaiah, but thats just a coincidence

  6. N
    Na’im Culver

    Sir Roland, and Jhala worked for me

  7. T

    You know we don’t need the useless fluff you could just list the characters

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