Coffee With Impact Genshin Impact Drink Recipe

A new Genshin Impact event is currently underway. Called “Of Drink A-Dreaming”, this event sees you take up the mantle of a bartender. Of course, this also means that you will perform the most important duty of a bartender – that is, mix and serve all sorts of drinks. Each drink that you will prepare has three ingredients and can fall into one of four categories: coffee, tea, juice, and blend recipes. As you successfully mix more drinks, new recipes will open up to you. However, a specific drink has many players stumped. This is the “Coffee that has some impact to it.” To help you prepare it in Genshin Impact, we will provide the drink recipe for this coffee with impact in this guide.

Coffee With Impact Genshin Impact Drink Recipe

Coffee That Has Some Impact to It Genshin Impact Drink Recipe

The first time you will get this order from a customer, you won’t get too much info that will point you in the right direction. The recipe is obviously for a coffee-based concotion, but since there are six coffee drinks you can make, this doesn’t particularly narrow it down. So, to make things easier for you, we will tell you the recipe you should make right now – what you are looking for here is the Foamy Reef coffee. The description for this coffee provides the necessary clues to it being the correct recipe: “Ice, fizzy water and coffee give this drink quite the punch. Bitter, novel, and just a little rebellious.”

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Foamy Reef is the coffee with impact
Foamy Reef is the coffee with impact.

This recipe calls for the following three ingredients: x2 Coffee and x1 Fizzy Water. This is just one of the twenty-one recipes you will be required to make during this event to get all the rewards out of it. If you are interested in learning all of them, our Bartender Recipes guide has the complete list of all drinks and their ingredients.

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