Courage is in the Heart Genshin Impact Arashakun in Cave

Genshin Impact is an absolutely massive game that’s filled with all sorts of quests. Sometimes, these are fairly straightforward and easy to solve. Other times, they can be very complicated and involved for various reasons. “Courage is in the Heart” is one such quest. What makes it particularly hard is that you need to know how to trigger it, as well as be aware of a couple of potential bugs. To help you complete it in a quick and hassle-free way, our Courage is in the Heart Genshin Impact Arashakun in Cave guide is here to tell you everything you need to know about how to do this quest.

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Courage is in the Heart Genshin Impact Arashakun in Cave
Courage is in the Heart Genshin Impact Arashakun in Cave

How to Start Courage is in the Heart Genshin Impact

To begin with, you first need to complete the “Static Views” quest. Otherwise, “Courage is in the Heart” won’t be available. Once you have done that, go to the Aranara House. We have marked its location in the screenshot below. In front of the house there, you will encounter some Hilichurls. Dispose of them. After that, enter the house and search it.

Find Arashakun in the Cave Genshin Impact

Now, this next step can get buggy for some players. As the quest states, you have to find Arashakun in the Cave. However, the quest marker can point you towards Liyue instead. Ignore it, the solution is actually really simple. Just exit the Aranara house and go around it. You will see the cave. Enter it. As you move further into the cave, you are going to start hearing a voice crying out for help. There is a Hydro Slime there that you need to kill. After that, you will have successfully saved Arashakun.

Genshin Impact Courage is in The Heart Ending & Rewards

What you need to do next is to go to the Furry Mask Demon King’s camp. Go deeper into the cave. You will see a really big mushroom there. Climb to the top of it. Doing this will begin a fight against several Hilichurls. Once you have defeated them, Arashakun will once again appear to thank you and you will have completed the quest. As reward for doing so, you will receive the following: x200 Sumeru Reputation EXP, x20,000 Mora, x30 Primogems, and x2 Hero’s Wit.

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