Genshin Impact Cup of Commons, Clean out Treasure Hoarders

The Genshin Impact Cup of Commons and Clean out Treasure Hoarders are both a part of Update 2.6. In fact, the latter is the quest that you get the former from. However, there does seem to be some kind of problem preventing the Cup of Commons from dropping at the end of the quest. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix that and how to do the quest in the first place.

genshin impact cup of commons clean out treasure hoarders
Genshin Impact Cup of Commons, Clean out Treasure Hoarders

How to Get Cup of Commons Genshin Impact

To get the Cup of Commons in Genshin Impact, you need to clean out the treasure hoarder camps and complete the Undetected Infiltration quest. Before you do any of that, though, you have to finish the quest where you remove all the Bedrock Key seals, or else the cup might not spawn when it’s supposed to. For more info on all that, check out our Use the Cage-Shaped Object to Destroy Bedrock Keys guide or our Seven-Star Seal Sundering Full Quest video. Once that’s out of the way, head to the location provided in the screenshots below and clear out the bandits. You’ll then meet Yanbo and have a chat with him. Then, simply track the quest to find his second location, where you can talk again and trigger the next step.

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Next, to get the Genshin Impact Cup of Commons, simply follow where the quest takes you on the map and clean out the treasure hoarders. There’s nothing much to write home about here; it’s all very straightforward. Near the end, you’ll have to fight a whole bunch of enemies, including two bosses back to back. They’re names are Brass Bull Zhao and Chen the Flower. Fighting two bosses one after the other might sound intimidating, but they’re not too hard to beat up. In fact, I’d call them mini-bosses rather than full-on bosses. Anyway, once you defeat them both and have another chart with Yanbo, you’ll be able to open a Precious Chest, in which the Cup of Commons lies.

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