Genshin Impact Currency - Intertwined Fate, Stardust, Genesis Crystals, Starglitter

Currency in Genshin Impact include Intertwined Fate, Acquaint Fate, Genesis Crystals, Primogems, Starglitter, Stardust, Mora, Anemo Sigils, and Geo Sigils. All but the last three Genshin Impact currencies revolve around buying and making Wishes, which is the game’s loot box, or gacha, system. It’s all very complicated, and has been causing some confusion among players. So, we’ll attempt to clear things up in our Genshin Impact Currency – Intertwined Fate, Stardust, Genesis Crystals, Starglitter guide. Just keep in mind that these things might change as the game gets updated.

genshin impact currency intertwined fate stardust genesis crystals starglitter
Genshin Impact Currency – Intertwined Fate, Stardust, Genesis Crystals, Starglitter

Intertwined Fate, Genesis Crystals, Starglitter, Intertwined Fate – Currency in Genshin Impact

Intertwined Fate, Stardust, Genesis Crystals, Starglitter are all currencies in Genshin Impact, which also include Mora, Geo Sigil, Anemo Sigil, Primogem, and Acquaint Fate. All of these serve different purposes, but the main ones revolve around making and purchasing Wishes, which are this game’s gacha system (or loot boxes, if you will). Reddit user vonyu has made an flowchart that does a pretty good job breaking down the whole system, and you can check it out below. However, we’ll still give you a more detailed breakdown. Things get a little messy, as is usually the case with games that feature gacha systems.

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intertwined fate stardust genesis crystals starglitter primogem acquaint fate genshin impact currency
Genshin Impact Currencies (click to enlarge)

Intertwined Fate & Acquaint Fate in Genshin Impact

Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fate are the main currencies in Genshin Impact when it comes to making Wishes and unlocking random loot, costumes, characters, etc. The Acquaint Fate is the standard version of Wish currency, while the Intertwined Fate are a more limited-time currency connected to the Banners, which appear and disappear periodically. Making Wishes at Banners grants you pretty much the best loot, including unlocking characters, weapons, etc.

It also bears mentioning that, the more Wishes you make at the same time, the better loot you’ll get. So, try and avoid making one Wish at a time, if you can. Do it in batches of ten or so whenever possible. Anyways, there are several ways of obtaining Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fate, so let’s get deeper into that, shall we?

Genshin Impact Starglitter & Stardust Currency

Starglitter and Stardust currency in Genshin Impact have one pretty major similarity – you earn both of them by making Wishes. Stardust drops from four-star rolls, so you’ll get it more often. As a result, you’ll need 125 Stardust to purchase one Fate 9 (unless there’s a sale), and you can only buy five of each Fate with Starglitter until the shop refreshes. You can also purchase three-star or lower items from Paimon’s Bargain Shop using Stardust, but only after you reach Adventure Rank 25 and above.

As for Starglitter, you get them from five-star Wish rolls, so they’re much, much rarer. As a result, you “only” need five of them to purchase a Fate, and there aren’t any limitations on how many you can buy. Like Stardust, you can also use it to purchase things from the Shop, and we mean four-star items, like characters etc. Only after you reach Adventure Rank 35 and above, that is.

How to Get & Use Genshin Impact Primogem & Genesis Crystals

Primogem and Genesis Crystals in Genshin Impact work similarly, in that you need 160 of either in order to purchase an Intertwined / Acquaint Fate. By that, I mean you can convert Genesis Crystals into Primogem at a 1:1 rate. The main difference between the two currencies is that you get Primogem by playing the game, while you have to purchase Genesis Crystals for real money.

In order to get Primogem in Genshin Impact, there’s a number of things you can do. These include Commissions, leveling up the battle pass, completing the monthly card, Spiral Abyss activities, certain in-game events, etc. The only purpose of Primogem is to buy Fates, pretty much.

Mora, Anemo Sigil, Geo Sigil in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Mora, Anemo Sigils, and Geo Sigils are currencies that have nothing to do with making Wishes. That, of course, doesn’t make them any less valuable. Mora drop left and right from pretty much anything you do, including killing enemies, opening chests, and basically everything else. You can spend them on getting food materials etc, leveling up your gear and characters, using the Forge, and more.

Anemo Sigils drop from chests in Mondstadt and increasing levels of Mondstadt Statues of the Seven. You use them for purchasing ascension materials at the Mondstadt Souvenir Shop. As for Geo Sigils, they work exactly the same, just substitute Mondstadt with Liuye.

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