Genshin Impact Souvenir Shops - Mondstadt & Liyue

Souvenir shops are special stores in Genshin Impact. There are two of them – one in Mondstadt and one in Liyue – and the only currency they accept are sigils. Since this is pretty much the only way to spend sigils, many people are wondering where to find these vendors. This guide will show you both Genshin Impact souvenir shop locations, which items you can buy from them and whether they restock.

genshin impact souvenir shops locations
Genshin Impact Souvenir Shops – Mondstadt & Liryue

Mondstadt souvenir shop location

The souvenir shop in Mondstadt is called With Wind Comes Glory, and it is situated near the city gate. It’s at the end of the alley you first step into after the gate, on the right side, right next to the square. The owner, Marjorie, can be a bit brusque, but she has a good stock and offers fair prices. It only accepts Anemo sigils.

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Liyue Harbor souvenir shop location

The souvenir shop in Liyue Harbor is called Mingxing Jewelry, and is owned by Xingxi. Coming from the harbor, you’ll find it by climbing the giant stairs then heading left. It’s the first shop on the right. It only accepts Geo sigils, but has a lot more items in stock than the one in Mondstadt.

Do souvenir shops restock?

Sadly, they don’t. If you look at the right side of every entry in the shop, you’ll see a limit. Once you’ve bought that amount of said item, it’ll disappear from stock forever. The only exception is the exchange of sigils for Mora – that one can be repeated infinitely, albeit the less favorable one.

Since it’s still early days for the game, there’s a chance the developers will add more items to souvenir shops down the line. It would probably be wise to keep a certain amount of sigils in your bag for just such an occasion.

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