Genshin Impact Dandelion Seeds Location

Dandelion seeds are a material in Genshin Impact. You’ll have to get some for the Flighty Flora… and Flora side quest, in a step that requires you to collect one portion of dandelion seeds. The problem is, dandelions are really hard to spot, and even when you find them, you won’t be able to just take the seeds. There’s an achievement connected to them, called The Wind and The Star Traveler, as well as a in-game myth called The Fox in The Dandelion Sea. If you’re struggling with finding and harvesting them, this guide will show you Genshin Impact dandelion seeds locations.

genshin impact dandelion seeds locations
Genshin Impact Dandelion Seeds Locations

How to get dandelion seeds Genshin Impact

The trouble with dandelion seeds is that you can’t just pick them. When you find the plant and approach it, you won’t get a prompt to loot it. You have to use an Anemo character and cast the wind power at the plant. Only then can you approach the dandelion and get the seed. The plant is barely visible during the day, but it glows in the dark, so we suggest you go looking for them only during the night.

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Collect one portion of dandelion seeds Genshin Impact – Flighty Flora… and Flora

Although it is used in several potions, like Gushing Essential Oil and Windbarrier Potion, as well as Jean’s ascension, most people are looking for it in order to complete one of the steps of the Flighty Flora… and Flora side quest.

No matter the reason, one of the best places to look for dandelion seed is in front of Mondstadt, near the bridge. Again, it’s best to look for them at night, when their glow makes them highly visible. You’ll need to use the Anemo’s wind power on them to release the seeds.

The Fox in The Dandelion Sea

The citizens of Mondstadt are very fond of their dandelions, and it all seems to stem from the legend of the Fox in the Dandelion Sea, a popular book in the game’s world. If you’ve talked to the little boy and his parents in front of Mondstadt when you first arrived, you’ll remember him being obsessed with the dandelion sea.

The legend consists of eleven books, and you can collect them all. You’ll get the first book from Flora when you talk to her and ask her about dandelions. You can find some in the library of the Knight Order in Mondstadt, and the rest can be acqired by talking to people and scouring bookcases in the Mondstadt region.

I wonder if the Dandelion Sea is actually a place in the game, an adventure you can go on?

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