Defeat Golden Wolflord Genshin Impact 2.3

There are many enemies in Genshin Impact. Some are really easy to beat, but that’s not the case for all foes. Take, for example, the Golden Wolflord, which has been added to Genshin Impact with its latest 2.3 update. This towering monstrosity requires a lot of strategy to beat, as its devastating attacks can quickly take out an unprepared character. To help you beat it on your very first try, our Defeat Golden Wolflord Genshin Impact 2.3 guide will detail all the best tactics and characters which you can use against it.

Defeat Golden Wolflord Genshin Impact 2.3

How to Defeat Golden Wolflord and Break its Shield in Genshin Impact 2.3

The Golden Wolflord can be encountered on the southern peninsula of Tsurumi Island. It has a large repertoire of available attacks, which include a Laser Beam, Tornado, Sweep, Ramming, and other attacks using its Skulls. Of course, you should pay close attention to its attack patterns to make sure that you can dodge or get out of the way of these attacks. Now, as for actual tips concerning this fight. To start with, it’s best if you don’t use a melee character for this. The Golden Wolflord spends most of its time in the air, making melee-oriented characters ineffective. While it does land for some of its attacks – specifically the Tornado, Laser Beam, and Ramming – the timeframe to attack it using melee is short. Also, Geo attacks are the most suitable ones to use here.

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The best characters to use in this fight are Catalyst and Bow ones, due to their range. Ningguang is a great choice, as she combines Geo and Catalyst attacks. When the Golden Wolflord loses a third of its health, it will raise a shield around itself and summon three Rifthound skulls. To get rid of this shield, destroy these skulls first. Once you have done that, the Golden Wolflord will be staggered for a long period of time, making this the perfect opportunity to finish it off.

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