Diona Hangout All Endings Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Diona Hangout is one of the new hangout quests from the new update, and completing it requires you to unlock all endings. As is the case with all these quests, the Diona Hangout has a number of endings, which you’ll get depending on the choices you make. The problem here is that some paths can be kinda tricky, and you can accidentally end up on the wrong path. To prevent that from happening, just follow the instructions in our Diona Hangout All Endings Genshin Impact guide, and you’ll be fine.

diona hangout all endings genshin impact
Diona Hangout All Endings Genshin Impact

Before we begin, there’s one thing we have to note about unlocking all endings in the Diona Hangout. After you play through it once, you can then skip to specific branches. That’ll help you get the endings faster. Incidentally, if you want to know how to complete the new Noelle hangouts, check out our Genshin Impact Noelle Hangout Act 2 guide.

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  1. Diona Ending #1 – Cat Party
  2. Diona Ending #2 – The Unfathomable Felines
  3. Diona Ending #3 – Diona’s Special
  4. Diona Ending #4 – I Only Had A Little
  5. Diona Ending #5 – The Ultimate Special

Diona Ending #1 – Cat Party

The first step to getting all endings in the Diona Hangout in Genshin Impact is the Cat Party. To get it, you first need to tell Margaret that you’re there for the cats. After that, you’ll need to find three cats and get them to approach you. Here’s how that should go.

  1. Paisley is on the plaza in front of the cathedral. Leave it to Diona to get its attention.
  2. Roger is on the roof of the flower shop. Give it the cat toy.
  3. Nelson is behind the blacksmith shop. Give it the cat food.
  4. Whenever you find a cat, select the bottom dialogue option (patrons are there for Diona’s drinks, not the cats).
  5. Go back to the Cat’s Tail and complete the quest.

Diona Ending #2 – The Unfathomable Felines

To get the Unfathomable Felines Diona Hangout ending in Genshin Impact, you basically have to follow all the same steps as for Cat Party. The major difference is that, whenever you find and attract a cat, you have to choose the top option (always imply the patrons are going to the tavern for the cats, not the drinks). Follow the quest to its ending as you normally would otherwise. Needless to say, this is not exactly the most jolly of endings, considering that you’ve basically been dunking on Diona and her drinks throughout. Still, it needs to be done if you want to get all the endings.

Diona Ending #3 – Diona’s Special

Diona’s Special is the midpoint on your journey to getting all Diona Hangout endings in Genshin Impact. At the beginning, tell Margaret that you want a specialty drink. When Diona asks you about the drink, let her now that you want the “base to be more unique.” Then, follow the steps laid out below.

  1. Go to Dadaupa Gorge with Diona and meet with Allan.
  2. Sneak past the hilichurls and find Draff.
  3. Select the “Draff said he had just found some, let’s ask him” dialogue option.
  4. Talk to Allan again, then go back to Mondstadt and talk to Diona to end the quest.

Diona Ending #4 – I Only Had A Little

To get the I Only Had a Little Diona ending in her Genshin Impact hangout, follow the steps for ending #3, as we’ve explained above, until you find Draff. Once the dialogue choice pops up, don’t select the “Draff” option. Instead, pick “I can deal with a few monsters. I’ll bring some of that herbal soup back.” Afterwards, take the following steps.

  1. Go to each of the marked locations in the hilichurl camp.
  2. Search each of the pots until you find the samachurl herbal soup.
  3. Go back and talk to Allan and Diona.
  4. Follow the steps until you reach the end.

Diona Ending #5 – The Ultimate Special

The Ultimate Special is the final step on your journey to get all Diona Hangout endings in Genshin Impact. It’s also the lengthiest, so get ready for a long haul. To begin the journey, tell Margaret that you want a specialty drink, then ask Diona for the “flavoring to be more unique.” Here’s what’s supposed to happen next.

  1. Go to Springvale and check the marked locations.
  2. Give Diona two fresh fish and two slime condensate.
  3. After the challenge to a brewing competition, go to Dawn Winery.
  4. Diona wants you to make the worst possible drink, so do everything wrong.
  5. Put the whole lizard tail.
  6. Add all of the slime condensates.
  7. Add all the butterfly dust and fish scales.
  8. After the plan backfires, it’s time to make another awful cocktail.
  9. Cut the lizard tail.
  10. Add a small amount of slime condensate.
  11. Pour a heap of butterfly dust.
  12. Crush the fish scale and add it with the mucus.
  13. The NPCs will blame you instead of Diona.
  14. Follow the quest until it ends.
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