Teapot Traveling Salesman Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Teapot Traveling Salesman is a new vendor in Update 1.5 that appears every so often in your realm, and they’ll sell all manners of rare things for your home. The trouble is, of course, that players don’t know much about the new salesman. When and where can you find them? How do they work, and what do they sell? We’ll do our best to answer these questions in our Teapot Traveling Salesman Genshin Impact guide.

teapot traveling salesman genshin impact
Teapot Traveling Salesman Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Teapot Traveling Salesman location

As we’ve said, the Teapot Traveling Salesman is a new vendor that will appear in your Serenitea Pot realm. He will visit your realm every weekend, and he’ll have all sorts of rare furnishing blueprints, materials, and furnishings. The salesman will be visiting your abode during the weekend. The official info is that they should arrive at 4:00 AM every Friday and leave at 4:00 AM on the Monday of the next week.

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Now, one very important thing to know about the new salesman is that they bring different items to different Travelers. So, from 4:00 AM every Saturday to 4:00 AM on Monday, you can go ahead and visit other people’s realms to see what the vendor is offering them. In fact, there’s even a new Battle Pass Mission that will require you to purchase two items from the teapot salesman in another player’s Serenitea Pot. So, yeah, the Genshin Impact Teapot Traveling Salesman is fairly multi-faceted. The whole thing will encourage playing with other people, which is neat.

One more thing I really want to bring up: the traveling vendor will offer pets. Yes, really, you can see it in the screenshot above. Apparently, you won’t have to feed them or anything. They’re just there to truly make a house a home. Granted, we don’t know for sure what the salesman will have on offer this week, but I love knowing that it’ll be an option at some point. They are relatively expensive, but I’d say worth it!

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