Genshin Impact Error Code 4201

Error Code 4201 in Genshin Impact is a bug that has been plaguing players all over the place. It doesn’t seem to care which platform you’re on, either; Error Code 4201 can appear on PC, PlayStation 4, or mobile. So, naturally, people are wondering how to fix the Genshin Impact Error Code 4201. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in this guide. There are, in fact, several things that you can try.

genshin impact error code 4201
Genshin Impact Error Code 4201

How to Fix Genshin Impact Error Code 4201?

To fix the Genshin Impact Error Code 4201, the first thing you can do is check whether your WiFi is working properly. If you have a data plan that can support it, try to create a mobile hotspot and run the game that way. If the problem goes away while you’re on cell data, it’s the WiFi’s fault. or, you know, check whether your WiFi is working on your other devices. Either way, if the WiFi is on the fritz, follow whatever steps you usually do to fix it.

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In case it’s not the WiFi, and you’re playing on PC, you can go into the game’s files (Local Disk > Program Files > Genshin Impact > Genshin Impact Game by default). Look for the file that has .exe at the end, and run that instead of the desktop shortcut. This can sometimes fix the Error Code 4201 in Genshin Impact.

On the other hand, if you’re playing on PlayStation 4 or mobile (or the previous fix didn’t work on PC), it might be that your game needs updating. Yes, in normal circumstances, the game updates automatically. However, maybe you ran into some kind of hiccup and skipped a new patch or hotfix or whatever. So, after you try updating the game manually, try running it again and see whether the Error Code 4201 persists.

Lastly, in case nothing above works, the only thing left to do is to uninstall and reinstall the game. It stores all your saves on the server, so you shouldn’t lose any progress when you do this. It’s just annoying that you have to do it in the first place, but well, whatcha gonna do? Hopefully, the developers will release some kind of hotfix to get rid of this error.

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