Ruin Guard Genshin Impact

Ruin Guard is one of the bosses in Genshin Impact. It’s a giant robot with really long hands and a rocket launcher on its back. You’ll first have to fight it for the adventure book task, but later on you’ll want to seek them out for the ascension materials they provide – Chaos Device, Chaos Circuit and Chaos Core. If you’re having trouble finding or defeating them, this guide will show you where to find and how to beat Ruin Guard in Genshin Impact.

ruin guard genshin impact
Ruin Guard Genshin Impact

Ruin Guard locations

There are only a few locations in Mondstadt, so if you’re looking for one for the adventure log challenge, your best bet would be to go to the Thousand Winds temple. If you’re interested in farming them for their ascension materials, you’ll have to look in Liyue.

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How to beat Ruin Guard?

Once you’re past the initial hurdle of finding a Ruin Guard, you’ll have to defeat it as well. This can be problematic, as they’re extremely resistant to damage, with tricky weak spots. They also have far-reaching melee attacks and a can fire a barrage of rockets which you do not want to be on the receiving end of.

Your best bet when facing a Ruin Guard is to have an archer in your party. Shoot the robot’s core – the glowing part where its head should be – that’s the weak spot. After you place enough arrows into the core, it’ll break, and the robot will fall to the ground, stunned. You can then use a claymore to deal some free damage from melee range, or just keep hitting it with arrows until it’s back on its feet. Keep repeating these steps until you’ve drained its health, and you’ll be rewarded with a Chaos Device (or Circuit, or Core, depending on your and the robot’s level).

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