Face Symbol Locations Rinzou's Treasure Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Rinzou’s Treasure Face Symbol locations are places where you can find these symbols that look like a yokai mask and find the treasure buried next to them. Well, in some cases, there will be treasure, but sometimes there won’t be. I’m not gonna go into too much detail and let you discover the lore on your own. However, if you’re having trouble finding these places, then our Face Symbol Locations Rinzou’s Treasure Genshin Impact guide is the right place for you.

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face symbol locations rinzous treasure genshin impact
Face Symbol Locations Rinzou’s Treasure Genshin Impact

Where to Find Genshin Impact Rinzou’s Treasure Face Symbol Locations

To find the Genshin Impact face symbol locations in the Rinzou’s Treasure quest, you have to visit eight locations marked with a yokai face and dig for buried treasure. Every one of the locations has a shovel next to it, which is another way to spot them. The first one we found was on the side of the waterfall southeast of Mouun Shrine.

The second location is at the very bottom of the mountain on top of which Mouun Shrine lies. Specifically, you need to inspect the eastern side of the mountain, below the giant seashells jutting from Sangonomiya Shrine. Again, it’s almost at ground level, near the small stream.

Our next stop are the giant waterfalls north of Mouun Shrine. Specifically, go to the location shown in the first screenshot below. The face symbol will be about halfway up the waterfall. The easiest way to get there is to leap of the mountain where Mouun Shrine is, and glide from there.

To find the fourth Genshin Impact Rinzou’s Treasure Face Symbol location, head to the teleport waypoint in the north of the island. From there, head south and drop all the way down to ground level. Then, turn north and look at the cliff wall you just dropped from. You’ll spot the symbol easily.

Now, teleport back up to the waypoint, and walk to the southern ledge again. Then, look to your right, and you’ll see a ledge just below you. That’s where the fifth symbol is.

Next, we’re heading to the east of Bourou Village. There, you’ll spot two waterfalls. Go to the bottom of the waterfalls and look back. The symbol will be on the right of one of them.

Our next stop is the teleport waypoint west of Bourou Village. Head north and drop down about halfway. There, you’ll see the seventh symbol.

The eight and final Genshin Impact Face Symbol location in the Rinzou’s Treasure quest is east of Sangonomiya Shrine. Find the elongated rock formation that’s standing on two pillars. The symbol will be on the bottom of the north one.

This is not the last step of the quest. You still have to find the treasure hoarders and Rinzou’s letter. For that, check out our video below.

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