Color Gem Puzzle - Shield Maze Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous is finally out, and the first major puzzle in the game occurs in the Shield Maze and has you figuring out the correct Color Gem sequence. This Shield Maze Rune Puzzle has many players stumped, and with good reason. While this puzzle is fairly straightforward if you know what you are doing, it can be very frustrating otherwise. So, to save you from randomly clicking on colors and hope you guess the right combination, our Color Gem Puzzle – Shield Maze Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous guide will show you the right sequence.

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Color Gem Puzzle - Shield Maze Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

How To Solve The Color Gem Puzzle in Shield Maze Pathfinder WotR

To be able to solve this Shield Maze Rune Puzzle, you will need to hit all the color gems in the correct order. Solving this puzzle is definitely worth it, since you will be rewarded with a great prize on the other side of the door. This powerful weapon will help you defeat the deadly Water Elemental, and is a great weapon besides – especially for a Paladin character. So, to open this door, you will need to select the following colored gems: Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow. Don’t bother with the Green, it’s just a red herring. For convenience’s sake, we also have a screenshot with the correct sequence down below for easier viewing.

If you have done everything correctly, a secret passageway will open. In here, your party will encounter a fabled holy relic – the longsword Radiance. This +1 Radiant Longsword can only be wielded by Paladins. So, if your Main Character isn’t one, this is a great weapon to give to your Paladin Companion, Seelah, to equip and wield against the forces of evil. Even better, during the course of the game, this weapon can be upgraded several times. If you are a good character, it can become a Holy weapon, and if you are an evil character, it can turn into a corrupted Living Bane.

what is the Color Gem Puzzle solution
The correct color gem Shield Maze Rune Puzzle sequence.
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  1. J
    James Richards

    There are 4 portraits in the hall where you find for first corrupted mongrels that match that color sequence. Be good to have a screen shot of that as well.

    1. C

      Thank you, I was wondering how you were supposed to know the answer. Although I’m grateful for the info, that should have been in the article.

  2. O

    Yeah they should have references the items that give you a clue to dicing the puzzle with a spoiler tag for the actual solution. Fit those that just would like a hint vs those who want full on spoilers.

    1. R

      Radiance can be wielded by anyone who can use longswords, not just paladins.

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