Farmer's Treasure Genshin Impact Amenoma Kageuchi Blueprint

The Farmer’s Treasure is a Genshin Impact quest that can get you the Amenoma Kageuchi Bluperint. This is a powerful katana, so it’s worth doing this long and complicated quest for it alone. The road to getting this Inazuma Craftable Sword is a hard one, and many players are, understandably, confused about what exactly they need to do in order to get it. To help you out, we’ve made our very own Farmer’s Treasure Genshin Impact Amenoma Kageuchi Blueprint guide. Follow the instructions we’ve outlined here, and you will be able to get your hands on this fine blade.

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Farmer's Treasure Genshin Impact Amenoma Kageuchi Blueprint

How To Start The Farmer’s Treasure Quest

To begin with, you should talk with Saimon Katsumi. You can find him next to a missing person sign on Jinren Island. He will task you with finding Saimon Jirou. Saimon can be found on the top of Jinren Island. He is in a cage, and the key for this cage is at the top of a nearby tree. When you unlock his cage, he will give you the job of finding four stone plates.

How To Find The Four Stone Plates

The First Stone Plate is in the well in Konda As you can see in the video below, it is at the top of a crate in one of the rooms. The Second Stone Plate is at the beach at the eastern end of the island, under the red shelter. The Third Stone Plate is in the same place where you go to unlock the Empty Boat Of A Thousand Gates. You can see the exact location in the video below. The Fourth Stone Plate can also be found in this location, inside the sunk ship.

How To Find The Fifth Stone Plate

When you have all four stone plates in your possession, return to Jirou. He will ask you to find the final Fifth Stone Plate. Go to the place marked on your map and dig through the four dirt piles there. You won’t find anything. Go back to Jirou. He is gone. You will find him at the same island where you initially met him in a cage. He has once again been captured. Speak with the Bandit Leader and get ready for a fight. After you have defeated all the bandits, Jirou will give you the Treasury Key. Unlock the grate next to his cage and descend below. Here is where you will place all the Stone Plates and solve the puzzle. To accomplish this, just follow the steps in the video below. Once the door has opened, enter the room and open the chest. Finally, all that’s left to do is to return to Saimon Katsumi for your reward. For all of your hard effort, you will receive the Amenoma Kageuchi Blueprint.

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