Genshin Impact Free Diona Event

Diona is one of the many, many characters that you can unlock in the game, and for a limited time, you can get her for free, without spending any Primogems or making wishes. You, of course, need to act quickly, since the only way to do so is to participate in the Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier Initiation event. If you want to make use of this event to obtain Diona without paying, then our Genshin Impact Free Diona Event is the right place for you.

genshin impact free diona event
Genshin Impact Free Diona Event

How to Get Diona for Free Genshin Impact

To get Diona for free in Genshin Impact, you first have to have an Adventure Rank of Adventure Rank 20 or higher and activate the Energy Amplifier Initiation event. Once you do that, the game will highlight three places of interest, which you’ll be visiting during each Act. In each of these places, you’ll face all various enemies. Defeating them earns you Irminsul Fruit Fragments, which you can place onto your Energy Amplifier. That, in turn, allows you to earn Fractured Fruit Data in the Twisted Realm and Domains.

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Each Domain you complete grants you Fractured Fruit Data (each Domain can be completed once per Act). That then unlocks a new stage in the Twisted Realm, where you can earn even more Fruit Data. Why are you collecting it in the first place? Because you can exchange them in the Event Store for all kinds of prizes, among which are Primogems, Crowns of Insight, Mora, and other stuff. And, of course, Diona is also in the store, and costs 1,000 Fractured Fruit Data.

That’s how you get Diona free in Genshin Impact – purchase her from the Event Store. One important thing to mention is that, of course, the event will run out eventually. So, the clock is ticking; if you want to make good use of this limited-time offer, get to grinding that Fractured Fruit Data as soon as possible (and as fast as possible). Good luck!

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