Brawlhalla BCX - Legends Used to Win 2021 BCX 1v1 Championship

Week 5 Brawlhalla battle pass missions include a task to win 3 matches as different Legends that have been used to win 2021 BCX 1v1 Championship. Brawlhalla BCX is a real world esports tournament that took place before the pandemic. There were both European and North American championships taking place in multiple categories. There were 1v1 and 2v2 competitions among others. Every year is full of Brawlhalla esport events. The pinnacle of it is the world championship. Your task is not to play with champions that esport tournament winners used to win 2021 world championship with. We’ll list here Brawlhalla BCX legends used to win 2021 1v1 championship.

Brawlhalla BCX - Legends Used to Win 2021 BCX 1v1 Championship
Brawlhalla BCX – Legends Used to Win 2021 BCX 1v1 Championship

Brawlhalla Win matches as different Legends that weren used to win a 2021 BCX 1v1 Championship

To learn about the BCX 2v2 Championship weekly challenge, check out our Brawlhalla BCX – Legends Used to Win 2021 BCX 2v2 Championship guide. BCX 1v1 championship has been going on for several years. Brawlhalla esports tournaments are in their seventh year currently. The latest finals took place in both EU and NA. In both regions the most used hero was Bodvara . Both Swata and Sire used Bodvara. Power Ranger used Brynna, while Kylar Alice won the match with Jhalu.

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Brawlhalla winter championship took place this year from January 28th to February 6th with a prize pool of $100,000. If you came across additional legends that can’t be used please leave a comment below. Once again, here’s a TL;DR answer to who are Brawlhalla 2021 BCX 1v1 Championship Legends.

  • Jhalu
  • Bodvara
  • Brynna
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  1. Z

    Magyar works

  2. J

    Barazza works too

    1. D

      Cody Travis won with Barraza in North America.

  3. L

    pretty sure it’s bodvar, jhala, barraza, magyar..

  4. I

    Magyar didn’t work for me

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