Crimson Wish Genshin Impact - Frost Bearing Tree Location

Frost Bearing Tree location is revealed with Genshin Impact’s new patch and its Dragonspine story. Frostbearing tree introduces an important new mechanic – Crimson Wish. You will have to offer Crimson Agate to the tree to level it up and get rewards from it. You will get wishes, weapon blueprints, crafting recipes and various other rewards each time you level it up. This is why the Frostbearing tree is so important. We’ll help you unlock it and tell you the location of the Frostbearing tree in Genshin Impact.

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FrostBearing Tree Location Genshin Impact Crimson Wish

Frostbearing Tree Location – How to unlock the Frost Bearing tree?

To unlock and locate the Frostbearing tree you will have to do the main Dragonspire quest In the Mountains and its first step called Investigate the Strange Ice. To be able to deliver Crimson Agate to the Frost Bearing Tree you will first have to unlock it by doing the quest. The quest starts by talking to Iris. She is located near the newly available teleport waypoint in Windwail Highlands, close to the entrance into the new Dragonspine zone. Once you talk to her she will give you the In the Mountains quest.

From there follow the road towards the next teleport waypoint. Next to it is a frozen shard which is part of the Investigate the strange ice quest step. You thaw it by finding and destroying Scarlet Quartz nodes in the area. Once you pick up one Scarlet Quartz, go back to the strange ice and hit it. Do this four times and you will reveal the Frost Bearing Tree location. The quest continues, but from there on you will be able to make Crimson Agate offerings to the Frostbearning tree. This unlocks rewards as you level it up.

Frost Bearing Tree Location Genshin Impact map
Frost Bearing Tree Location Genshin Impact map

Frostbearing Tree Crimson Agate Level Up Rewards

Each time you offer a certain amount of Crimson Agate to the Frost Bearing Tree’s Location you will level it up. Each level grants rewards. These range from fates to weapon prototypes and gadget/potion diagrams. There is a limited amount of Crimson Agate and they can be found all over Dragonspine. To be able to fully level up the tree you will have to do Crimson wishes. Before we get into that here are the rewards for each offering level.

Crimson Wish mission unlock – maximum Frost Bearing tree level

Once you reach level 8 of the Frostbearing tree you’ll then unlock Crimson Wish missions. Completing them also rewards Crimson Agate. You’ll have to do this to upgrade the Frost Bearing Tree to the maximum level of 12. There are not enough Crimson Agate in the open world and without theses missoions yuou won’t level up the tree to the max. Crimson Wish missions refresh each Monday and Friday. There are five to complete before each refresh.

Genshin Impact Crimson Wish Frost Bearing Tree
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