Thaw all the Shards Out - Genshin Impact - In The Mountains

In the Mountains is a world quest in Dragonspine area in Genshin Impact. It has several steps that will guide you throughout the new area. One of the steps that was a little troublesome for me was Thaw all the Shards Out. This step will ask you to find two shards by following the strange blue plants, but you also have to solve a small puzzle and find a hidden seelie. The area where you should look for the shards is very huge, thus, our guide to Thaw all the Shards Out In The Mountains quest will tell you where to look for the shards in both Entombed City Outskirt and Starglow Cavern and how to solve the puzzles.

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Thaw all the Shards Out in the mountains

Genshin Impact Thaw All the Shards Out – Entombed City Outskirts

Description for this step tells you that the first shard flew up and away after being thawed out. According to Iris, there are two other shards here on Dragonspine. If you follow the strange blue plants, you may be able to find more shards of this sort around Entombed City Outskirts and Starglow Cavern. The first shard is hidden somewhere in Entombed City Outskirts area. You should go north and use Dragonspine Teleport Waypoint near Wyrmrest Valley.

There’s a seelie here that will fly from one ice pillar to the next, once you activate it. You should remember the pattern and use an ice character to activate each pillar in the order the seelie showed you. In case you did not pay enough attention here’s a screenshot showing the correct Entombed City Outskirts shard puzzle combination.

Genshin Impact Thaw All the Shards Out Entombed City Outskirts

How to fight Golems and Ruin Grader? In The Mountains Genshin Impact Quest

Next you will have to fight two golems. The problem here is that the Sheer Cold debuff will also become active. To avoid getting damaged by sheer cold you will have to run around and find Ruin Braziers. There are several in a circle around the ice pillars you just activated. One by one will get activated throughout the fight. Your foal is to run to an active Ruin Pillar and fight the golems from there. Once you defeat the initial two golems a mini boss level 69 called Ruin Grader will come out. Use the same tactics to keep yourself warm. Once you defeat him a hole will open and you need to jump in.

Seelie Location in the Cave and How to Thaw the Shard in Entombed City Outskirts?

You need to find four pieces of scarlet quartz, one unlocked by finding two Seelies, and then hit the shard after you find each quartz to thaw the shard. To be able to do this you will have to find three scarlet quartz nodes in the cave you jumped inside and find two seelies that will unlock the gate to the fourth quartz. You’ll see the first seelie on the ice formation as you jump inside the cave. The second seelie is hidden inside a snow pile you’ll have to thaw with a fire character. Once both seelies are activated you can go beyond the previously locked gate and then pick up the scarlet quartz. Use the buff it gives you to hit the ice shard in the middle of the cave and thaw it.

Thaw the Shard in Entombed City Outskirts
hidden Seelie location Thaw all the Shards Genshin Impact Entombed City Outskirts
Thaw this snow pile to reveal the Seelie that unlocks the gate to the final quartz.

Starglow Cavern Thaw all the Shards Out

Thawing the shard in Starglow Cavern is much easier. Go to the Teleport waypoint left of the letters Starglow Cavern. There’s a hole in the ground behind it. Go east through the cave and you’ll reach the shard. You’ll have to find three Scarlet quartz that are easy to spot close to the shard. You finish the challenge of killing all enemies and the fourth quartz becomes available. This will conclude the In The Mountains quest and let you continue your Dragonspine adventures.



  1. I

    Can you please explain how to do the time trial, I’ve tried it multiple times but I can never do it due to the fact I keep on getting frozen.

    1. T

      If you stay out of the water when traveling from place to place, using the slight ledges instead of platforms they can’t freeze you, and get a lot of fire A.O.E

      1. A

        I also used a lot of attack and crit foods like the adeptus’ dish, thats what let me do it.

      2. N

        That fails each time 😀

    2. H

      Tag team it. I had another player help me out. Diluc, be met, anemo to make the fire bigger. Sorry there isn’t a secret

    3. V

      Same here i can do the 1st 3 fights with 30-33 seconds out of the 2 minutes left but man how on earth do you beat the 4 mages (2 ice and 2 of the other type that fire doesn’t work on) in what little time is left remaining?

      1. J
        Joseph John Sangalang

        Make sure to activate all Seelie torches. They will help you A LOT prior to time trial.

    4. G

      Use AOE teams, and definitely bring an AOE pyro character for the 3 Abyss Mages to get rid of the shield. That’s all really. But to stop you from getting frozen find the fire seelies. There should be one behind a pile of rocks you need to break too, use your elemental sight to find it.

  2. T

    What do you do when the second seele is awol and you cont open the door in Entombed
    i squished all the snow puddles but no seele

    1. T

      It fixed itself. i left it alone for a day and the seele showed up by itself so i could finish the quest

  3. J

    I have a glitch at the entombed city outskirts. I solved the Seelie puzzle, and fought the first ruin guard. The other robot stayed asleep and the next fight never came.

    1. J

      Solved – if you log out and back in, the fight resets.

  4. L

    The cave shard is glitched. I can’t find the last shard on the surface, on the bridges, or on the water.

  5. K

    How do you get rid of the force field/chield at the starglow cave one?

  6. A

    Same as Katelynn. How do you get rid of the force field/wind barrier blocking us from the shard?

    1. T

      You need to do the time challenge close to the shard

  7. A

    In the main room with the shard and 3 seelie torches, I managed to get two of them on but the last one near the challenge stone I cant find the seelie to it. I looked everywhere and cant find the dang thing. I’m going insane please help.

    1. E

      Did you find the one behind the rock wall you need to smash behind the shard next to the ruin guard? Took me forever to find that one

      1. M

        Hi, I’m having the same problem I have found all of the ones that were there and in their places is now ice, so what should I do exactly because there are none left that I’m able to use.

      2. L

        Thank you. This saved me from beating my head against a wall

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