Genshin Impact Glaze Medaka Location

The location of the Glaze Madaka in Genshin Impact is not a big secret or arduous quest. Located in many areas within Inazuma, it often swims in large groups making it easy to spot. This makes it one of the simpler fish to catch. However, there are some special tricks and tips you should employ to reel one in. Read on as we provide you with a guide on the Genshin Impact Glaze Medaka location and how to catch one.

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Genshin Impact Glaze Medaka Location
Genshin Impact Glaze Medaka Location

Glaze Medaka Location Genshin Impact

You may encounter the Glaze Medaka as both wildlife and a pet in Genshin Impact. The fish is prized for its ornamental value and boneless, lean meat.

There are around six Glaze Medaka locations. These fishing points are situated around Inazuma. You can view these points on the map below.

  • Nazuchi Beach
  • Sangonomiya Shrine
  • Suigetsu Pool
  • Koseki Village
  • South of Amakane Island
  • Ritou
Glaze Medaka Location Genshin Impact
Glaze Medaka Location Genshin Impact
Second Glaze Medaka Location
Second Glaze Medaka Location

Catching a Glaze Medaka in Genshin Impact

Once you have the location, you need to visit at night. The Glaze Medaka is a small purple fish, that is most commonly in groups of around three to four.  It is characterized by its petal-shaped tail. 

They are energetic when in a group, so you may see them jumping and splashing on the water. They do appear alone, though they will not be as active. You may need to look more closely to see where they are.

Glaze Medaka

You will not need any special pole to catch the Glaze Medaka. However, favoured pastes are the fruit paste bait and glow grass bait.

If you have fished in Genshin Impact before, the Glaze Medaka should not cause you any trouble. Choose where to place your rod without scaring the fish. Be patient, casting your hook so it is not too close or too far from the group.

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