Intact Key Location - Genshin Impact Seiraimaru Shipwreck Puzzle

Genshin Impact Intact Key location is the place where you find the item you’ll need as you’re solving the Seiraimaru Shipwreck puzzles. This one is kind of tricky, since the key is in a chest that’s pretty well-hidden. By that, I mean, it’s in a place you can overlook extremely easily; it’s not in a nook that you’d usually expect to find a chest in. That being the case, we’ll show you where to find the key in our Intact Key Location – Genshin Impact Seiraimaru Shipwreck Puzzle guide.

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intact key location genshin impact seiraimaru shipwreck puzzle
Intact Key Location – Genshin Impact Seiraimaru Shipwreck Puzzle

Genshin Impact Intact Key Location – Seiraimaru Shipwreck Puzzle

To find the Intact Key location in the Genshin Impact Seiraimaru Shipwreck puzzle, you need to open a hidden common chest. Well, first off, you should light up all the pressure plates on the floor. That’s pretty easy to brute-force, since even if you make a mistake, it just sends you one step back. After you do that, you’ll unlock access to the nearby chest and a number of slimes are going to spawn. All you need to do is clear them out; again, it’s no big deal. If you try and open the door, however, that’s when you’ll learn that you need the Intact Key.

Finding the Intact Key is actually not that difficult, but you do need to keep a careful eye out. Turn your back to the locked door and head straight forward. Keep your eyes glued to the floor, and you’ll find a common chest in a crack in the floor, just floating in the water. That’s the Intact Key location in Genshin Impact and the solution to one of the Seiraimaru Shipwreck puzzles, as it were. Unlock the door and solve the puzzle with the cog wheels. To do that, just turn the wheels so the spokes that stick out form a square. Open the chest and climb up to proceed.

where to find genshin impact intact key location seiraimaru shipwreck puzzle
Intact Key
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