Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations

Geoculus are a type of collectible in Genshin Impact. These orange, glowing orbs can be found all across Liyue, and there’s 131 of them in total. That’s quite a bit, and that’s not the worst part – you need all of them in you want to upgrade the Statues of The Seven in Liyue all the way. It’s going to take a lot of work, and you’re bound to end up missing some. When the time comes, this guide will help you by showing all Genshin Impact geoculus locations.

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genshin impact geoculus locations
Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations

Bishui Plain Geoculus Locations

genshin impact geoculus locations bishui plain
  1. In the wooden tower at the Stone Gate Waypoint.
  2. North from the Bishui Plain Statue of The Seven.
  3. East from the Bishui Plain Statue of The Seven, floating above a tree stump.
  4. In the north of Dihua Marsh, atop a Hilichurl camp.
  5. On the island west of Dihua Marsh. There’s a barrier around it, so you’ll have to glide down.
  6. On the trunk of the golden tree in the south of Dihua Marsh.
  7. At the highest point of the roof of the Wangshu Inn.
  8. On a beam below the wooden walkway leading up to Wangshu Inn, west from the previous one.
  9. Under the wooden bridge south of Wangshu Inn.
  10. On the island east of Wangshu Inn. It’s high in the air, so you’ll need to use an Anemo skill on the paper windmill to enable the wind current.
  11. Under the wooden bridge southwest of Stone Gate waypoint.
  12. Above the waypoint west of Stone Gate. Climb the surrounding wall to reach it.
  13. On the coast south of the previous one, above a hillock. You’ll need the main character’s Geo skill to reach it.
  14. Atop a hill on the coast southwest of Wuwang Hill.
  15. In the ruins west of Stone Gate.
  16. North from the previous one, in a stone window.
  17. Above a monster camp on top of the mountain south from Qingce Village.
  18. On top of a bamboo tree by the road south of Qingce Village.
  19. By the waterfall near the previous one.
  20. On the shore southwest of Qingce Village.
  21. In the southern part of Wuwang Hill.
  22. On the cliff above the abandoned building on Wuwang Hill.
  23. In the forest west of the pond and the domain on top of Wuwang Hill.
  24. On the highest peak of Wuwang Hill.
  25. Above the tower next to the notice board, in the east of Qingce Village.
  26. On the cliffs west of Qingce Village.
  27. North of Qingce Village, above the canal.
  28. On the island northeast of Qingce Village, by the wooden building.
  29. On top of some submerged pillars in the middle of the lake northeast of Qingce Village.
  30. On a tree at the north end of the cascading farms north of Qingce Village.
  31. By the western gate at Qingce Village.
  32. On a rooftop by the cliff west of the waypoint.
  33. In a tiny cave northwest of the village.
  34. Inside the big cave in the mountains northwest of the village, near the entrance.
  35. Obtainable only during the Chi of Guyun side quest.

Geoculus locations in Sea of Clouds

genshin impact geoculus locations sea of clouds
  1. On the coast west of the Guili Plains waypoint. Use an Anemo skill on the paper windmill to trigger the wind.
  2. Above the broken bridge in the ruins southwest of Guili Plains.
  3. In the stone tower near the dungeon entrance south of Guili Plains.
  4. Look for a pile of rubble south of the stone tower south of Guili Plains.
  5. Break the stones and defeat the Ruin Guard to unlock the secret room where the geoculus is.
  6. On top of the hill south of the ruins.
  7. On top of the hill at the east point of Luhua Pool.
  8. In the mountains northwest of the waypoint by the road.
  9. On the roof of the building south of the waypoint.
  10. On a peak north of the norther Liyue Harbor entrance waypoint. You’ll need a Pyro skill to activate the updraft.
  11. In the highlands south of Guili Plains.
  12. On the beach south of Yaonguang Shoal. You’ll have to glide to it from the cliffs.
  13. On the pier next to the giant shell on the beach.
  14. On the rock outcrop in the sea east of Guili Plains.
  15. Under the broken bridge leading to Mingyun Village.
  16. On the roof of the thatched hut near the notice board in Mingyun Village.
  17. On the cliff north of the village. You’ll need a Geo main character to lay down a platform.
  18. On a tree by the waypoint north of the village.
  19. In the mines northwest of the village.
  20. In the toppled stone building northwest of the village.
  21. In the hills west of the village. You’ll need an Anemo skill to trigger the updraft.
  22. In the middle of the bay at Sal Terrae.
  23. On top of the central mast of the ship southeast of the archipelago.
  24. In the ruins southeast of Mingyun Village.
  25. On top of a pillar on the beach southeast of Mingyun Village.
  26. On a ledge on the cliff between Mingyun Village and Yaonguang Shoal.
  27. West of the previous one, near the bottom of the cliff.
  28. On the roof of the ornate steamboat southeast from Liyue Harbor.
  29. Above the water in the eastern part of Yoanguang Shoal.
  30. High up in the air in the southwest of Yoanguang Shoal. You’ll need the Anemo skill to start up the wind.
  31. On the tower on the tiny island in the sea east of Yoanguang Shoal. You’ll either have to swim or freeze your way there.
  32. On a small rock between the two islands in Guyun Stone Forest.
  33. On the top of the mountain.
  34. On the top of the mountain northeast of the dungeon.
  35. Again, up high on the mountain.

Minlin geoculus locations

genshin impact geoculus locations minlin
  1. East of Jueyun Karst, by a small cliff.
  2. On the beach at the easternmost point of the province.
  3. In east of Jueyun Karst, accessible by entering the ruins through the vines and bramble.
  4. Floating in the gorge east of Jueyun Karst.
  5. On the roof of the fishing hut on the beach.
  6. In the ruins east of Jueyun Karst, past the end of the broken bridge.
  7. On the roof of the shack south of the waypoint at Jueyun Karst.
  8. Near the top of the mountain east of the lake.
  9. On the roof of the shelter between the two hanging bridges.
  10. In the gorge west of the previous one.
  11. Under the wooden bridge west of Jueyun Karst.
  12. At the bottom of the waterfall by the lake.
  13. Under the water. You’ll have to lower the water level by activating the glowing pillar on the shore – the same process that allows you to enter the domain.
  14. On the floating island above Qingyun Peak. You’ll have to rotate the three birds in order to get there.
  15. West of Qingyun Peak, between the cliffs.
  16. West of the previous one, also in mid-air.
  17. On the peak by the lake at Mt. Hulau.
  18. Floating by the waterfall at Mt. Hulau.
  19. In a pit with a strong wind current coming out of it, in the northern area of Mt. Hulau.
  20. On the roof of the rest area in the northeast of Mt. Hulau.
  21. Floating in the air between Mt. Hulau and Qingyun Peak.
  22. Above a broken tree trunk by the river near the previous one.
  23. On the pillar in Huaguang Stone Forest. You’ll need to use an Anemo skill on the paper windmill to enable the current.
  24. Floating in the air between the previous one and Mt. Aozang.
  25. On the northwestern peak of Huaguang Stone Forest.
  26. In the cave in the southwest of Mt. Aozang.
  27. Floating by the cliffs in the north of Mt. Aozang.
  28. In a tiny cave by the tree in the valley northeast of Qingyun Peak.
  29. On a platform on the cliff east from the previous one.
  30. On a mountain northeast of Qingyun Peak.
  31. East of Mt. Aozang, next to a big tree.
  32. Northeast from Mt. Aozang, near the Shrine of Depths.
  33. Northwest from the previous one, on the southern tip of the big island.
  34. On the northeastern tip of the same island as the previous one.
  35. On the eastern tip of the elongated island. Using the Anemo skill on the paper windmill will activate the rings necessary to get there.
  36. On the small island southeast of the big ones.
  37. On the cliffs above the bay southeast of the previous one.

Lisha geoculus locations

genshin impact geoculus locations lisha
  1. Above the tall stone pillar in the ruins at Cuijue Slope.
  2. Above the dried-up tree on the hill south of Cuiju Slope.
  3. On a tree on the cliffs south of Luhua Pool.
  4. Between two pieces of a broken bridge in northwestern Tianqiu Valley.
  5. On the western shore of the lake in Tianqiu Valley, next to a tree with golden leaves.
  6. West of Dunyu Ruins, down a spiral staircase.
  7. In the lake at Dunyu Ruins, accessible after you’ve lowered the water level and disabled the barrier.
  8. Atop a stone pillar in Dunyu Ruins, next to the highest puzzle torch.
  9. On the top of the tall building north of Lingju Pass.
  10. On a stone arch north of Lingju Pass.
  11. West of the lake at Lingju Pass, in a stone tower.
  12. On a rock in the southeast corner of the lake at Lingju Pass.
  13. In a hilichurl camp east of Lingju Pass.
  14. Floating above the valley west of Mt Tianheng.
  15. In a cave under the northern peak of Mt Tianheng. You’ll have to scale the walls and glide to it.
  16. On the ground level of a in the mountain pass leading to Liyue Harbor. You’ll need to enter through the roof.
  17. Above the mountain pass, accesible from the north peak of Mt Tianheng.
  18. In the mountains north of Liyue Harbor. Use an Anemo skill on the paper windmill to activate the current.
  19. In a cave by the stairs south of the waypoint at Mt Tianheng.
  20. Southwest of the harbor, in a secret room by the road. You can access it by falling through a hole under the bush by the stone pillar.
  21. Floating above a field halfway between Liyue Harbor and Qingxu Pool.
  22. On the roof of a hilichurl hut west of the previous one.
  23. On top of a crane in the mines north of Qingxu Pool.
  24. On a stone tower in the middle of Qingxu Pool.
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