How to Get Glowgrass Bait - Genshin Impact Kujirai Momiji

The question of how to get Glowgrass Bait in Genshin Impact has been raising a bunch of questions among Travelers trying to purchase it from Kujirai Momiji. Well, those people are on the right path, because you will be able to purchase the Glowgrass Bait from Momiji at one point in the future. However, not yet. If you’re having trouble figuring this stuff out, we’ve got you covered. In our How to Get Glowgrass Bait – Genshin Impact Kujirai Momiji guide, we’ll show you how to obtain the bait, as well as the location of Kujirai Momiji.

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how to get glowgrass bait genshin impact kujirai momiji
How to Get Glowgrass Bait – Genshin Impact Kujirai Momiji

How to Get Glowgrass Bait Genshin Impact

To get the Genshin Impact Glowgrass Bait, you first need to get the crafting formula (or recipe, if you prefer). To do that, you need to purchase it from Kujirai Momiji, the angler hanging out northeast of Inazuma City; her location is near the water. If you’ve been playing the new content from Update 2.1, you’ve quite likely already met her. However, if you go and visit her shop now, you’ll notice that she’s selling some stuff, like The Catch, but no mention of the Glowgrass Bait. So, what gives? Where’s the recipe you’re looking for?

genshin impact kujirai momiji location how to get glowgrass bait
Kujirai Momiji location

Well, the catch is that the Glowgrass Bait formula isn’t in the game yet, and therefore, neither is the item. You won’t be able to get it until the Lunar Realm kicks off on September 10th. From that moment, you’ll be able to get the Genshin Impact Glowgrass Bait from Kujirai Momiji. Incidentally, aside from her being the event shopkeep, you’ll also have to talk to her in order to participate in the event. Once you have the recipe for the Glowgrass Bait, you’ll be able to craft it at the crafting bench, just like with the Fake Fly Bait.

We don’t know which ingredients you’ll need to do so, but we’ve heard rumors it’ll be Seagrass and Magical Crystal Ore. That, however, remains to be seen. As for which fish it’s good for, well, apparently it’ll work on all of them. Sounds pretty handy to me, I have to say. We’ll make sure to confirm that after we manage to get some Glowgrass Bait ourselves.

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