Help Bennett Gather Ingredients Genshin Impact - Mint, Radish, Slime

The Genshin Impact Bennett hangout quest has you gathering ingredients for him; specifically, he’ll ask you for Mint, Radish, and Slime Condensate. While getting the ingredients to help Bennett isn’t much of a problem, managing the inventory might be an issue, especially for experienced Genshin Impact players that are used to a different inventory system. We’ll explain everything you need to know in our Help Bennett Gather Ingredients Genshin Impact – Mint, Radish, Slime Condensate guide.

help bennett gather ingredients genshin impact mint radish slime
Help Bennett Gather Ingredients Genshin Impact – Mint, Radish, Slime

How to Gather Ingredients to Help Bennett in Genshin Impact – Radish, Mint, Slime Condensate

To help Bennett gather ingredients in the Genshin Impact, you just kinda have to look for them in the wild. We’re talking one Radish, one Mint, and one unit of Slime Condensate, which drops from, well, killing Slimes on your journeys. The fact of the matter is, all three of these ingredients are super-common, and you probably have everything you need in your inventory already. So, that part of the quest shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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What can be an issue, however, is how the inventory works. You’d think that the game would show you all three ingredients you need to hand Bennett in the same window, but nope, it doesn’t. Instead, you’ll have to switch between two tabs to find them all. In the tab that looks like a little crystal, you’ll find the Mint and the Radish. Next, switch over to the icon that looks like a framed portrait. That’s where you’ll find the Slime Condensate.

So, to complete the Genshin Impact Help Bennett Gather Ingredients step, all you need to do is talk to him, click on each ingredient, and hit “Submit” for each one. After you do this, Bennet is going to make his specialty which, unfortunately, doesn’t seem as appetizing as you might have expected. So much so, that the game calls it “Ominous Dish.” From there, proceed with the quest normally.

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