Search for Red Wolfhooks Genshin Impact Barbara Event

The Barbara hangout event in Genshin Impact has you searching for Red Wolfhooks in one of the steps. It seems simple on the surface, since it’s a small search area, but there is a potential problem. Namely, there’s a lot of other plants in the zone, which makes the search a way more annoying chore than it needs to be. So, we’ve put together our Search for Red Wolfhooks Genshin Impact Barbara Event guide to speed up the process.

search for red wolfhooks genshin impact barbara event
Search for Red Wolfhooks Genshin Impact Barbara Event

Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout Event – Where to Search for Red Wolfhooks

To search for Red Wolfhooks for the Barbara hangout event in Genshin Impact, you basically just have to comb through the area within the yellow circle until you find five of them. The trouble is that there’s a bunch of regular Wolfhooks and other plants distracting you. So, if you try and follow every little shiny thing in a bush, you’ll be there longer than necessary. So, let’s break it down and simplify things a little bit, shall we?

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In the east of the area, there’s a large, hollow log; you can’t miss it. You can get inside it, and you’ll find two Red Wolfhooks inside. Then, in the northeast of the circle, you’ll find a small wood stump. The third plant is on top of it. Mind you, this is a little more difficult to spot, so maybe waiting until daytime might be a prudent move. Anyways, last but not least, there’s another hollow log in the dead center of the circle. It’s half-buried, but not hard to find. The last two Red Wolfhooks are in there. Consult the images below for visual assistance.

That’s it when it comes to the search for Red Wolfhooks in the Genshin Impact Barbara hangout event. After you find all five plants, go back to Barbara and hand them over. Then, proceed with the quest. If you need help with anything else, we’ve got a number of other guides for you to check out. Among others, we’ve written Help Bennett Gather Ingredients, Bennett Hangout Puzzle Solution, and Take Picture of Falcon Coast from Cape Oath.

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