Hidden Achievements Update 1.3 Genshin Impact

Update 1.3 has brought a bunch of new achievements to Genshin Impact. Thirteen of them are secret, which means you won’t know what they are until you’ve unlocked them. Each will reward you with 5 primogems, so you’ll probably want them done with sooner rather than later. If that’s the case, our Genshin Impact hidden achievements update 1.3 guide will show you what they are and how to unlock them.

genshin impact 1.3 hidden achievements
Hidden Achievements Update 1.3 Genshin Impact

How to unlock hidden achievements in Genshin Impact update 1.3?

Here’s the list of all the hidden achievements in update 1.3:

  • Melting Away – Defeat a Cryo Cicin Mage while all her Cryo Cicins are currently active.
  • Lizard Spock – Have one character get hit by all three parts of the Electro Hypostasis’ rock-paper-scissors attack consecutively.
  • And You Call Yourself One of the Four Winds – Defeat an Anemoboxer Vanguard after having triggered all of their Elemental Absorptions
  • Core Meltdown – Destroy the Blazing Seed created by a Pyro Regisvine.
  • Till Debt Do Us Part – Defaet a Fatui Agent while they’re in their stealth mode.
  • Deflection – Use a shield to counter a Primo Geovishap’s Primordial Shower attack.
  • You can Have Those Back! – Use a shield of a matching type (or a Geo shield) to counter a Geovishap’s Primordial Shower attack and deal immense DMG.
  • Knockout – Destroy a Cryo Regisvine’s corolla weak point while it is performing its rotary spray attack.
  • Back With The Wind – Absorb at least 10 Elemental Orbs created by the Anemo Hypostasis in a single battle.
  • A House Ill-Founded – Cause the same Geo Hypostasis to fall three times by destroying the Basalt Column that it is on.
  • None Stand Secure – Force the Geo Hypostasis into its revival state without destroying any Basalt Columns.
  • Touch and Go – Use a shield to counter a Geovishap’s charging attack.
  • Penalty – There are places where one cannot simply dig Pyro Slimes out of the ground. Find a red hilichurl somewhere near the water, force him into the water and wait for him to try digging up a pyro slime.
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