Genshin Impact Apple Locations

Genshin Impact apple locations are a part of certain quests in the game, and can also be used as a food item. Now, of course, those of you do get these quests, you might be wondering where to get apples in Genshin Impact. As it turns out, they only appear in a very specific area of the map. If you don’t know that, you’ll be stuck. With that said, we’re going to show you where to find apple locations in Genshin in this guide.

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apple locations genshin impact
Apple Locations Genshin Impact

Where to Find Apples Locations in Genshin Impact?

To find apple locations in Genshin Impact, your best bet is to go to the northeast of the map, to Starfell Valley. In the northwest of said region, there are several places where you can find apple trees. Mostly, they are concentrated around the area north of Whispering Woods, east of Cider Lake (appropriate name), west of Starfell Lake, and south of Stormbearer Mountains. If you need visual aid, you can check out our video below, starting at minute three. But, in short, just explore the west of Starfell Valley and you’ll come across some apple trees.

Realistically speaking, some of the apple trees can be a little difficult to spot. They don’t stand out that much from surrounding plant life at all times. That said, in some places, they’re the only deciduous trees surrounded by evergreens; even when that’s not the case, you can spot them by the golden glow that the apples hanging from the branches emit. It might be a good idea to look for Genshin Impact apple locations during the night.

So, that’s all you need to know about where to find apples in Genshin Impact. If you need help with anything else, we’ve got a number of other guides for you to peruse. Among others, we’ve written Hidden Achievements Update 1.3, Dust of Azoth – Transmutation of Ascension Materials, and Primo Geovishap.

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