Home Lies Over The Ocean Genshin Impact

Home Lies Over The Ocean is one of the new quests which were recently added to Genshin Impact. While the quest itself is very straightforward and easy to do once you know what you need to do and where to go, players are finding it difficult to start it. For this reason, we have written this Home Lies Over The Ocean Genshin Impact guide. Simply follow all the steps we’ve explained here and you will finish this quest in no time at all. With all that being said, let’s begin.

Home Lies Over The Ocean Genshin Impact

How To Begin The Home Lies Over The Ocean Quest

The biggest reason why this particular quest has players stumped is that most of them expect that they can begin it somewhere on Inazuma. Actually, the place where it begins is on Liyue Harbor. We have marked the exact location of this quest on a screenshot below. So, go there and talk to Atsuko. She will ask you to deliver a letter to her parents who are on Inazuma. Her parents, Michiru and Yoh, are in Inazuma City. Finding them is easy, simply follow the quest marker to their location. Once you are at their house, speak with them. They will ask you to wait until the next night. So, wait until at least 18 pm the next day. Take note that you cannot wait until 18 pm the same day, it has to be the next day. Then, talk to them once more.

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After speaking with them, you will need to wait for one final time. So, wait until tomorrow. When you have done so, speak with Michiru and Yoh one last time. After doing so, you will receive your quest reward and this Home Lies Over The Ocean Genshin Impact quest will be complete. We hope that this guide has been helpful. If there are any other similar quests or puzzles you are having trouble with, we invite you to check out our Genshin Impact archives for a solution.

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