Touch The Sword Hilt Puzzle Genshin Impact Musoujin Gorge

Genshin Impact is full of puzzles and one of these takes place in Musoujin Gorge, where the player will need to touch the sword hilt. Of course, this being Genshin Impact, this isn’t as simple as running up to the sword and grabbing hold of it. No, solving this puzzle requires you to perform a complicated sequence in which you touch all the swords in exact order. To save you the time you otherwise would have spent trying to figure out this precise sequence, just follow our Touch The Sword Hilt Puzzle Genshin Impact Musoujin Gorge guide.

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Touch The Sword Hilt Puzzle Genshin Impact Musoujin Gorge

How To Solve The Sword Hilt Puzzle At Musoujin Gorge

To begin with, this puzzle is located in Musoujin Gorge, which is on Yashiori Island. We’ve marked the place you will need to go to solve it on a screenshot below. Once you are here, you will see six swords surrounding a Luxurious Chest in the middle. These swords are electrified, so it’s obvious that you will have to deal with this problem first before unlocking the chest. To start with, there is a Thunder Sakura Bough close by where you will be able to Summon Electrogranum. Do not interact with the swords until you have an Electrogranum, otherwise, you will receive a painful blast of lightning. With an Electrogranum active, approach the swords. You will now need to touch the sword hilt of all six swords in a precise order. In the video directly below, you can see how this needs to be done.

As soon as you have touched all the sword hilts in exact order, two Kairagi will appear. After you have defeated them, you will then finally be able to loot this Luxurious Chest as your prize. Congratulations, you’ve successfully solved the Touch The Sword Hilt Puzzle in Musoujin Gorge. If there are any other Genshin Impact puzzles or quests you are having trouble with, be sure to check out the rest of our Genshin Impact content.

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