Hu Tao Puzzle - How to Open Door - Perfect Send-Off Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Perfect Send-Off Hu Tao door puzzle appears during the “Follow the path to the border” step. It requires you to solve a door puzzle in order to complete this step and continue with the Perfect Send-Off Hu Tao story quest. The solution is fairly simple, but not one you might guess on your own. I can see why this part would be difficult for some. With that in mind, here’s our Hu Tao Puzzle – How to Open Door – Perfect Send-Off Genshin Impact guide to help you out.

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hu tao puzzle how to open door perfect send off genshin impact
Hu Tao Puzzle – How to Open Door – Perfect Send-Off Genshin Impact

How to Open Door in Hu Tao Puzzle in Genshin Impact Perfect Send-Off Quest?

To open the door in the Hu Tao quest puzzle in Genshin Impact Perfect Send-Off, during the “Follow the path to the border” step, you need to grab the blue orb in the center of the room, but don’t use it immediately. Instead, head to the left of the door, towards the spider web. Destroy it, and follow the path into the cave. Swim to the other side and follow the path to the thorns blocking your path. Burn them away, and keep walking straight towards the boxes. From said boxes, head through the door, into the room with the green portal.

From the green portal, head to the left, and down the stairs. As you’ve probably gathered by now, we’ve gone in a circle, and we’re now back in the room where we first collected the orb. Now that we’re back, another orb should have appeared in the middle, and you can collect it. Now that you have two, approach the two lanterns on each side of the door, and place one orb in each of them. That’ll open the door and you can proceed with the “Follow the path to the border” step.

That’s how to open the door and complete the Hu Tao Puzzle in the Genshin Impact Perfect Send-Off quest. The majority of the quest is fairly straight-forward, but this one can be a bit of a stumbling block. If the quest hasn’t yet started in your area, check out our Hu Tao Release Date & Prerequisite Quests guide to find out more.

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