Genshin Impact KFC Glider Code

The KFC glider skin in Genshin Impact is a new item that is a part of a cross-promotion between the game and the fast food franchise. A lot of players are wondering how to get the KFC glider. It seems that the item is available only in China, so what gives? Can I get the skin at all? Will I be able to redeem the Genshin Impact KFC glider code at some point, too? Well, let’s try and parse it out.

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genshin impact kfc glider code
Genshin Impact KFC Glider Code

How to Redeem KFC Glider Code in Genshin Impact Outside China

At the time of writing, you cannot redeem the Genshin Impact KFC glider code and get the Wild Wings special skin outside China. The promotion is exclusive to the country’s servers, and that’s about all there is to it. Well, not quite. The good news is that Travelers outside of China will have the chance to obtain the KFC glider later on in the year. So, you just have to be patient; you’ll get your turn to kiss the feet of your fast food overlords.

When we say later in the year, we mean July 2021 at the earliest. At least, that’s what this tweet seems to imply. Mind you, I’m using Google Translate here, so I might be missing something. As far as I can tell, though, miHoYo will release further details about when other regions will have access to the KFC glider in July. These include Europe, America, and the rest of Asia. So, we’ll have to wait a few months to see how the situation will develop.

So, that’s about it when it comes to the KFC glider code in Genshin Impact; at least at the moment. Those of you outside of China cannot express their love for and allegiance to the Colonel just yet, and won’t be able to for another four months or so. I assume this is because there’s a whole bunch of paperwork to do behind the scenes. We’ll keep you updated on the matter, so stay tuned.

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    Will we be able to get diff costumes tho like KFC Diluc and KFC Noell?-

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