Valheim Flammable Ore - Flametal

The Flammable Ore in Valheim, or Flametal, as the game calls it, is a material that you can find later on in the game. It has been causing some curiosity within the player base, since nobody can really figure out what to do with it. That is, if they manage to find it in the first place. Flametal is fairly difficult to obtain, due to its biome, and it doesn’t seem to do much currently. With all that said, in our Valheim Flammable Ore – Flametal guide, we’ll show you how to get the ore, and how to use it.

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valheim flammable ore flametal
Valheim Flammable Ore – Flametal

How to Get Flammable Ore in Valheim – Flametal

To get the Valheim Flammable Ore, or Flametal Ore, as the game calls it, you have to look for it in the Ashlands. Specifically, you need to mine the Glowing metal piles in the lava biome in order to get what you’re looking for. Mind you, this requires at least an Iron Pickaxe. Those things are tough to crack. At least they’re easy to find. I mean, they’re large rocks that are literally glowing red and yellow, like lava, as you can see in the screenshot above. Just beware the Surtlings while exploring the Ashlands; the entire biome is simply crawling with them and not much else.

How to Use Flametal & Flametal Ore in Valheim

Flammable ore in Valheim, aka Flametal Ore, can be turned into Flametal. You do that by placing the ore into a Blast Furnace. To do that, you first need to craft the Artisan Table, and then gather twenty Stone, twenty Fine Wood, ten Iron, and five Surtling Cores. At least the Surtling are everywhere in the Ashlands. Keep in mind that the Blast Furnace needs Coal to run.

A few important things we have to mention here. One, Flametal Ore cannot go through teleports, much like other ores. Two, it’s really heavy, weighing in at 12.0. Three, after you turn the ore into Flametal… there’s nothing else you can do with it. Not at the time of writing. I assume this will change in a future update, so I wouldn’t sleep on this material just because it has no use at the moment.

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