Komaki Cave of Ill Fortune Location Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Komaki Cave of Ill Fortune location is the place where the soothsaying old lady tells you that something bad might happen. So, being the intrepid Traveler that you are, of course you want to find that cave and see what it has in store for you. The catch is that the game won’t mark it on the map; you have to find it for yourself. Or, you know, just keep reading our Komaki Cave of Ill Fortune Location Genshin Impact guide.

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komaki cave of ill fortune location genshin impact
Komaki Cave of Ill Fortune Location Genshin Impact

Where to find Genshin Impact Cave of Ill Fortune for Komaki

To find the Cave of Ill fortune for Komaki in Genshin Impact, you have to pay attention to what she tells you. Granted, she isn’t exactly super-helpful; all she has to say is that the cave is in the south of Watatsumi Island. Thanks, granny, really narrowed it down there. Well, the cave is actually to the southwest of Bourou Village, at the very edge of the water. If you’re still struggling to find it, check out the screenshot below. It’s not too hard to find once you know where to look.

where to find genshin impact komaki cave of ill fortune location
Komaki cave location

Now, the cave is fairly wide, but very shallow. So much so that I only call it a cave just because I don’t know of a more appropriate name for such a rock formation. Whatever you want to name it, all you have to do is go inside and Paimon will comment about how there doesn’t seem to be any danger. Well, once you go inside the Komaki Cave of Ill Fortune location in Genshin Impact and Paimon makes that remark, a band of treasure hunters will ambush you and attack from the back. Your job is to defeat them all and plunder everything there is to get inside the cave.

After you clear everything out, go back to Komaki and talk to her if you want to. However, there’s no need to do so. She’s already told you your fortune, and you’ve made it come true. She hasn’t got anything more for you at the moment. As she puts it, even the Spiritherbs she uses to predict the future need rest.

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