Genshin Impact Lineup Simulator Bug

The Lineup Simulator is a new tool for Genshin Impact. Using it, players can share the party composition, weapons, and artifacts that they are using in Genshin Impact. The description for it states that you need to meet any one of these two criteria to be able to use it: “Reached Adventure Rank 55 on the current Genshin Impact UID”, or that you are a “Certified HoYoLAB Guide Creator”. However, it appears that this is glitched, since players – even when they meet these prerequisites – are unable to use the tool. But what is causing the Genshin Impact Lineup Simulator Bug and is there any way to fix it? We have the answers to both of these questions right here.

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Genshin Impact Lineup Simulator Bug
Genshin Impact Lineup Simulator Bug

Lineup Simulator Bug in Genshin Impact

Currently, the Lineup Simulator app is only available for Android and iOS devices. The web version is still being developed. When it was recently released, there was a lot of confusion around the exact phrasing of the requirements needed to be eligible to use it. Since it says that you need to “satisfy any one of the criteria below”, these being either AR55 or to be a Guide Creator, players have been understandably perplexed when they couldn’t use it at all even though they meet one – or both – of these requirements. So what is the reason why this is happening and is there some sort of fix that we can employ to resolve this glitch?

Well, unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be anything that players can do about this. This looks like it is a bug that the developers need to fix on their end. Hopefully, a hotfix is going to be released soon and we will be able to use the Lineup Simulator in the near future. As soon as this is the case, we are going to update this guide. And if you have figured out any way to fix the Lineup Simulator bug in Genshin Impact, then please share this method with us in the comments below.

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