Path to Nowhere Tier List

Path to Nowhere is a new SRPG that combines RPG elements and Tower Defense gameplay. In it, you take on the role of the Chief of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control (or MBCC for short). Your job is to Shackle and Control the worst criminals known as Sinners and to protect your City from disaster. Of course, it goes without saying that, in games such as these, your choice of which characters to use is crucial. Path to Nowhere has a large cast of characters, and it can be difficult to figure out which ones are the best choices and which ones are the least powerful and useful. But don’t worry, as in this Path to Nowhere Tier List guide, we’re going to see which of them you should always use, and which ones you can safely ignore.

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Path to Nowhere Tier List
Path to Nowhere Tier List

Path to Nowhere Tier List of Best Characters

Now, before we get into the list itself, we need to clarify a couple of things. To begin with, this is only our personal opinion. If you find some other characters better (or worse) than we have placed them on our list, that’s perfectly understandable. Also, all of these characters are usable. This means that you can successfully play with all of them. Also, it’s only to be expected that all of us have our favorites – based on their personalities and design. So if you really like a character, by all means, use them. This is only based on their power levels in the game, nothing more. And with that said, let’s see the Tier list:

  • S Tier characters: Langley, Nox, and Hamel.
  • A Tier characters: Baiyi, Zoya, Demon, and Crache.
  • B Tier characters: Wendy, Foggy, Hella, Kazama, Erene, Emp, and Hecane.
  • C Tier characters: Summer, Pricilla, Hella, Macchiato, Flora, Anne, Kou, Joan, and Oli Fer.
  • D Tier characters: Rou Lecca and Tetra.
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