Look for Suspicious Person With Package - Sound of Discord Genshin Impact

Sound of Discord is a new quest in Genshin Impact. It’s part of the Windblume Festival, and one of the steps requires you to look for a suspicious person with a package. It’s a treasure hoarder in disguise, looking to rob festivalgoers in Mondstadt, but the game won’t mark their location on the map. If you’re having trouble finding them, this guide will show you where to find suspicious person with package in Genshin Impact.

genshin impact look for suspicious person with package sound of discord
Look for Suspicious Person With Package – Sound of Discord Genshin Impact

Where to find suspicious person with package?

When you talk to Vile, she’ll give you a secret password. It’s a code used by the treasure hunters to recognize each other. With it, you’re supposed to approach the suspicious person with the package and pretend you’re one of them. The only problem is finding them. It’s not like you can see the package in their hands.

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What you should do is head to the fountain in the plaza. Stand there, facing the gate, then head into the alley on the left, past the alchemist. Once you drop down, you’ll see a man standing near the stairs – that’s your suspicious person.

Simply approach them and strike up a conversation. There are no choices to make here – just follow the lines until he thinks you’re his buddy, then reveal the cold, harsh truth. The knights will drag him off, and you’ll have to follow the next clue – he says he’s supposed to meet the rest of the gang in Windrise, so that’s where you’ll have to go, too.

It’s a nice little quest, and it makes a lot of sense in the context of the festival. Pickpockets are always happy to see people crowding together, especially those enjoying happy drinks during a seasonal event such as this.

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