Starsilver Location Genshin Impact - Realm of Fog and Wind Quest

Collect 3 starsilver ore is one of the steps of Realm of Fog and Wind, a new quest in Genshin Impact. It’s part of the Windblume Festival, and it was added in update 1.4. Albedo needs three pieces of this ore to complete his work, and you’re the one that has to get them for him. If you’re having trouble finding this precious mineral, this guide will show you starsilver locations in Genshin Impact, so you can help Albedo and complete the Realm of Fog and Wind quest.

starsilver location genshin impact realm of fog and wind quest
Starsilver Location Genshin Impact – Realm of Fog and Wind Quest

Where to find starsilver ore?

Starsilver Ore is native to Dragonspine, the snowy area in the southeast of Mondstadt. Some folks stopped going there altogether after finishing the brief storyline added along with the new zone, so it’s not surprising many are having trouble finding it now.

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Like all other ores and minerals, you can get it by striking mineral nodes usually found at the base of cliffs and mountains. That’s not very helpful, really, since Dragonspine is all cliffs and mountains. So here’s a map with the locations of every single node in the area, knock yourself out.

genshin impact starsilver ore where to find

If you decide you want more than the three required for the quest, you should check out our starsilver farming route. It’ll allow you to make the most out of every expedition into Dragonspine.

Once you give the materials to Albedo, he’ll do his magic and make a giant Sweet Flower. After a brief discussion, you’ll be allowed onto the next step of the quest, which involves bringing the flower to Sucrose. If you’re having trouble with other Windblume festival quests, be sure to check out our guides for the Sound of Discord and Adventurers in Windblume quests – they’ll help you through any obstacles you may encounter.

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