Look for Teppei Location - Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Look for Teppei location is the place in Bourou Village where you can find Teppei in the eponymous quest. The game does give you a clue, as in they let you have a relatively wide search circle showing you the general area where Teppei can be, but not the exact location. To make things more complicated, the NPC is hiding pretty well. That being the case, we’ll show you exactly where to find him in this guide.

look for teppei location genshin impact
Look for Teppei Location – Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Teppei Location

The location if Teppei in Genshin Impact during the “Look for Teppei” quest step is in Bourou Village on Watatsumi Island. When you arrive there, you’ll find a yellow search circle on your minimap, showing you the general area of where Teppei might be. However, he’s very well-hidden; it seems he really doesn’t want anybody seeing him in his current state. So, to find Teppei, you need to go to the very south of the village. There, you’ll find a large house with a big porch. Teppei will be sitting on said porch on the right side of the house, between some crates and barrels.

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genshin impact where to look for teppei
Teppei location

Now we’re going to get into spoiler territory, so click away if you want to learn about Teppei’s fate on you’re own. We’ve shown you the location to look for Teppei in Genshin Impact, so you’re good to go. Still here? Awesome, let’s go. As you’ve probably put together by now, Teppei is in very bad shape. In fact, he’s flat out dying. See, he fought against the forces of Raiden Shogun many a time, being a Sangonomiya Resistance member and all. In one of the skirmishes, he found himself using a strange weapon that draws power from Delusion rather than Vision.

As it turns out, weapons that use Delusion actually sap the life force of their wielder. Of course, Teppei didn’t know this, so he used it too much. As a result, he’s aging at an accelerated rate. That’s as far as I’ll talk about his story. Discover the rest for yourself.

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