How to Catch Ornamental Fish Genshin Impact - Serenitea Pot Pet Fish

Genshin Impact Ornamental Fish are a special kind of fish you can catch and raise as a pet in your Serenitea Pot. As more and more Travelers learn about the existence of Ornamental Fish, they want to know how to get them and what to do with them. Well, as it turns out, you’re going to have a little bit of luck and enough Medaka to purchase a pool to place them in. In our How to Catch Ornamental Fish Genshin Impact – Serenitea Pot Pet Fish guide, we’ll explain the entire process of how to get and raise Ornamental Fish.

how to catch ornamental fish genshin impact serenitea pot pet fish
How to Catch Ornamental Fish Genshin Impact – Serenitea Pot Pet Fish

How to Catch Ornamental Fish – Serenitea Pot Pet

To catch Ornamental Fish in Genshin Impact and get your Serenitea Pot pet, you just have to go through the same steps as you would with any regular fish (as described in our How to Fish Genshin Impact guide). True, they are a little bit harder to catch, but not significantly so. As far as we can tell, Ornamental Fish spawn at random, and they can be in any fishing spot. The only thing that sets them apart from regular fish is that they jump out of the water every now and then. So, you can basically just keep visiting your favorite fishing spots and check whether any of the fishies is jumping around. If not, move to the next spot until you get lucky.

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How to Raise Your Own Ornamental Fish

To raise your Serenitea Pot Pet Ornamental Fish in Genshin Impact after you catch them, the first step is to find Jiawei, the Liyue angler. They can be found on the docks in the east of Liyue Harbor (location in the screenshot below). Talk to Jiawei and purchase the Pool of Sapphire Grace Furnishing Blueprint (costs ten Medaka fish). Find the blueprint in your inventory and press Use to learn how to make the pool.

genshin impact how to raise ornamental fish serenitea pot pet
Liyue angler location

Now, go into your Serenitea Pot and place it as you would any other furnishing. Walk up to the pool and you’ll get the “Raise Fish” prompt. This lets you place up to five Ornamental Fish into the pool. If you have more than that, you’ll have to make another one. Once you place the fish into the pool, you don’t have to do anything else. They’ll just merrily swim around, and that’s abot it. You can’t feed them or really interact with them in any way. They do look pretty, though.

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